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People who currently share an email account
Tired of sharing your email box with other people in your household? If so, SFS is a great solution. Everyone who registers gets their own private email account, give it a try.

People who already have email through their company
SFS provides a personal email account that is yours, not your company's. Having a separate, personal email address with SFS protects your privacy. Additionally, if you change employers you have a working email address.

Mobile Professionals
Have you ever been away from the office, at a client's office for example, and unable to check for a vital email? This is no longer a problem with SFS. If you can access the world wide web, you can check your email. SFS also lets you travel light. SFS lets you retrieve your presentation (or any other files) upon arrival at your destination. Just send yourself an email to your SFS address with a document attached.

SFS is priced right for the student population - For only $36.95 (U.S.) per year. From any place that you can access the world wide web you can send and receive your personal email. In addition to universally accessible, free email you get to keep your SFS address for life. So go ahead switch schools, travel abroad, or just take a job in the real world -- we'll keep your email.

If you have more students than Internet access accounts, SFS may be your solution. There is nothing to buy or install. Simply have your students register for their own email accounts with SFS. They will have a fully functional email account without any administration on your part.

People who don't even own a computer
As hard as it may be to believe, you don't even need a computer to use SFS. All you need is Internet access and a browser. As libraries, cafes, and other venues provide Internet access you will soon be able to obtain your email from every street corner.

Internet Access Bargain Hunters
Want to look for the best deals as Internet service provision becomes a commodity? If you keep you email with SFS you can jump without having to change your email address... it's always your_user_name@SFS.com.

Anyone who wants universal access to email
If you are away from your computer, you usually will be unable to conduct email. However, since your email account is located at our web site you can send and retrieve email from anywhere you have a browser and an Internet connection.


SFS - Get the only email service that offers you so much!!

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