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SFS Group — 2019-12-20

SFS expands its fastening system business for façades SFS is acquiring mbe – Moderne Befestigungselemente GmbH (“mbe”) – a leading supplier of painted fasteners for high-performance façade systems.

SFS Group — 2019-12-11

SFS initiates a CFO succession plan Rolf Frei will step down as CFO of SFS Group at the Annual General Meeting in 2021. His early announcement gives SFS enough time to plan and execute a smooth succession.

SFS Group — 2019-08-23

SFS achieves 1st place ranking in the Swiss Employer Award With its first-place ranking, SFS achieved a very gratifying result in the large companies category at the 19th Swiss Employer Awards.

SFS Group — 2019-08-19

SFS honored as one of Continental's top suppliers Continental honored its 14 very best suppliers out of a pool of more than 900 strategic suppliers by presenting them with the prestigious 'Supplier of the Year 2018' award.

SFS Group — 2019-07-19

SFS realizes slight growth in a challenging environment SFS was confronted with a challenging business environment during the first half of 2019 yet managed to defend its strong position and sharp competitive edge.

SFS Group — 2019-06-24

SFS decides on a new head in Riveting division Urs Langenauer, current head of Automotive North America, is taking over management of Riveting division.

SFS Group — 2019-05-02

SFS shareholders approve all proposals at the AGM 971 shareholders attended the 26th Annual General Meeting of SFS Group AG. All of the Board of Directors’ proposals were approved by a large majority.

SFS Group — 2019-04-02

SFS strengthens markt position in US construction industry SFS Group acquires Triangle Fastener Corporation (TFC), a leading provider of fasteners and other products for the commercial construction industry in the US.

SFS Group — 2019-03-29

SFS wins a major contract with a long-standing customer A major contract with a customer in the automotive industry marks another mile-stone for SFS.

SFS Group — 2019-03-08

SFS looks back on a solid financial year in 2018 SFS Group achieved sales growth of 6.5% in 2018. This attractive growth was broadly based in terms of end markets and geographies.

SFS Group — 2019-01-25

SFS realizes solid sales growth SFS Group achieved solid sales growth of 6.5% in the 2018 financial year, lifting its consolidated sales to CHF 1,739 million.

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