sfs group bracket logic concept for the aircraft industry

Bracket Logic Concept

A great deal is expected of trim panels in aircraft cabins. Despite their low weight, they have to withstand the day-to-day loads imposed during aircraft operation and contribute to noise reduction. They must be installed if possible without tools, be easy to align and adjust, yet remain firmly in place. The Bracket Logic Concept is a completely modular fastening system developed by SFS that fully meets all these requirements, while ensuring the highest efficiency!

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Modular fastening system

Thanks to its modular design, the Bracket Logic Concept is suitable for all kinds of applications.

Tool-less installation

The Bracket Logic Concept can be installed completely without the use of tools.

Efficient tolerance management

High product quality without reworking is ensured by the efficient tolerance management we have designed into the system.

Lightweight, quiet and robust

Innovative materials and acoustic decoupling through the use of shock mounts make Bracket Logic Concept components lightweight, robust and sound absorbing.

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