sfs group fastening systems for the facade

Fastening systems for the facade

Be it for classic metal cladding, or facades made from sandwich panels: we offer the right fastening solution for every application. Even for the mounted ventilated facade: the range comprises the leading NVELOPE® substructure systems as well as fastening solutions for all levels of this modern construction method. This includes drilling threaded screws made from stainless steel or carbon steel, GESIPA® blind rivets and the appropriate setting tools.


Maximum aesthetics

From colourfully painted products to invisible solutions.

Specialised product portfolio

Our fastening solution - optimally coordinated, tested and approved for your facade.

Extreme longevity

Guaranteed by us with the use of high-quality materials and special production processes.

Maximum efficiency

Fastening systems simply and quickly fitted with coordinated accessories. Combined with high extraction values and longevity, this results in an efficiency of the highest level.

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