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Interior plastics

From specifically designed fastening solutions, precise mechanical drives and adjusters, right up to high-quality interior trim – we design and produce an extensive range of components using our metal and plastic technologies.

Range of competences


A simple round hole, hexagonal or complicated expanded metal design with our loudspeaker grills we offer many advantages with respect to cost, weight savings, fulfilment of high visual and haptic design requirements, colour variations etc. We can make loudspeaker mouldings with glossy or painted finishes or with additional galvanised decorative elements for you.

Interior door controls

We fulfil the high technical and visual requirements of these safety-relevant, kinematic assemblies. We also fit loudspeakers, ambient lighting, decorative elements and a wide range of switches. Levers in complex geometric shapes (strap design) can be made e.g. with counterweights in polyamide, out of reinforced material or by co-injection (monosandwich).

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