Unique roofing

Doing a pull test is sometimes like a box of chocolates: you never quite know what you’re going to get. It was certainly the case in August 2016, with an enquiry from the roofing consultants Kevin Burch and Raymond Lovelace of REI, at the J.S. Dorton Arena in North Carolina.

Added Value

  • isoweld® induction weld tool system identified as ideal fastening system
  • The isoweld® backpack tool helps working at the very apex of the roof with its severe slope
  • Ongoing support and visits ensured that the project was running smoothly and on time

One of a kind

The arena was built in 1951 for agricultural and entertainment industry shows, and is one of the most unusual buildings in North America. The construction of the building consists of two opposing 90 foot high parabolic arches anchoring a suspended cable roof system: actually the first one in the world to be so constructed. Metal roofing panels were then welded to the cable system, thereby leaving a clear and unobstructed view from any viewpoint inside the arena.


Evaluating the ideal roof solution

While doing the pull tests on the roof, the consultants discussed the type of roof that was going to replace the old, approximately 40,000 square foot, fully adhered white EPDM roof system. Because of the unique contours and the multiple fastening points scattered throughout the roof, the experts thought an induction weld system would best suit the shape of the roof.

For the next several months the roofing consultants evaluated the offers submitted during the bidding process before deciding in spring 2017 to realise the project with Owens Roofing of Raleigh. In a next step the SFS experts got in touch with Owens Roofing and introduced the isoweld® induction weld tool system and the tool loaner programme from SFS.


Moreover the new isoweld® backpack tool was presented and evaluated as a potential help working at the very apex of the roof with its severe slope. The in-depth knowledge and detailed attention to the customer’s specific needs convinced Owens Roofing to realise the project with SFS and their isoweld® system.

The companies involved, especially the management of Owens Roofing, were very happy with the chosen isoweld® tools and the great collaboration between themselves and SFS.

Making the project a reality

In June 2017 an expert team of the SFS engineering department came to Raleigh with two prototype backpack isoweld® tools and the actual project began. Some of the roofing crew members had used induction weld tools before, thus making tool training even easier. With their ongoing support and visits, SFS ensured that the project was running smoothly and on time. The induction weld part of the job went very well, and wrapped up at the end of August, leaving just a few weeks to complete the detail work before the State Fair opened in October 2017.

Used technologies

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