Distribution & Logistics segment expands services into China

Rieter is a global leader in the production of manufacturing systems used to process natural and synthetic fibres and spin them into yarns. After relying for years on SFS’s innovative turnLOG® logistics solution for its C parts, Rieter multiplied the benefits by implementing the solution at its Changzhou, China, site in late 2019.

Added Value

  • Digital stock management system
  • Lower process costs
  • Higher process reliability

turnLOG®: turned, ordered, delivered!

The innovative turnLOG® logistics solution can be integrated easily into any existing warehouse. Turning the stock bin triggers reordering. Transparent two-way communication shows the customer in real time whether reordering has been triggered and indicates current delivery status. And all the order details can be viewed and traced on a smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of digital stock management

Although the D&L segment focuses mainly on Switzerland, businesses outside Switzerland have been showing an interest in the company’s innovative logistics solutions. Major international clients are increasingly implementing digital stock management solutions at their global production sites, due primarily to their scalability. Clients such as Rieter benefit from advantages such as lower inventory, higher availability and reduced processing costs, and access to SFS’s product range from locations outside Switzerland.


Rieter deploys turnLOG® and benefits from SFS’s 'local-for-local' strategy

To optimize delivery to Rieter at its Changzhou (China) manufacturing site, SFS first created the necessary warehousing capacity to handle fasteners as a commercial product at its own site in Nantong. The turnLOG® system was then installed on the client’s premises. Conversion of the assembly line, including new infrastructure to the new system, was completed within two weeks. Approximately 5,550 sensors for stock management of C-parts and fastening materials are currently in use at Rieter. Effective collaboration coupled with major flexibility and change-readiness at Rieter’s end facilitated rapid and effective roll-out of the new system. As well as marking the start of a new partnership, this project is an opportunity for further growth for SFS.

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