sfs group cold forming technology

Cold forming

Precisely shaped with high pressure – Cold forming is an established base technology of SFS, with which we have been manufacturing precision-moulded parts and special screws for over 50 years. This is a highly efficient and precise mass production process, which is particularly well-suited to large lot sizes. Thanks to the implementation of countless sophisticated tasks we have hereby established ourselves as a technology leader.


High quantity output

Thanks to the long service life of the tools used, significant potential benefits are realised in large series.

Optimum material utilisation

Unlike machining processes, in cold massive forming there is hardly any residual material.

High surface finish

As there is no corrosion of workpieces in cold massive forming, high surface finishes are realised.

High mechanical capacity

The materials for cold forming show an optimum fibre orientation, high level of purity and ductility, i.e. deformation before breaking. This leads to high safety potential in the event of static and dynamic loading.

Special design options

Thanks to a variety of combination options in the process of cold massive forming, even complex geometries can be reliably and economically realised.


In cold forming workpieces made from wire sections are shaped into the desired form in two or multi-stage presses. Multi-stage cross transport presses create economically sophisticated workpieces such as sleeves, special bolts or eccentric parts.
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Broad selection of materials

Fundamentally, all plastic malleable, metallic materials that fall under the term wrought alloys are suited to cold massive forming: low and high-alloyed steels, aluminium, titanium and non-ferrous metals.

The selection of a material for a cold formed part is dependent upon the technical specifications and the material properties of the finished component.

Construction tips

SFS Group Technologies Cold Forming Construction Tips

Produce more efficiently thanks to proactive planning

In all the versatility, certain parameters also have to be taken into account in cold forming such as design and surface quality. Even with small geometrical adjustments, generally all desired functions can be implemented, additional press stages saved or post-operations avoided. Use our know-how!


SFS Group Technologies Cold Forming Dimensions

Use the entire range

The technology of cold forming is suitable for a broad range in use and dimensions: precision-moulded parts with a diameter of 0.5–50 mm and a length of 3–300 mm can be manufactured. Thanks to our comprehensive production expertise, even complex shapes and continually new application-specific solutions can be realised.

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