sfs group deep drawing technology

Deep drawing technology

Complex moulded parts made from simple sheet metal – With innovative developments and processes SFS is sounding out the limits of deep drawing technology further and further. This means that from simple sheet metal, ever more complex moulded parts are created with a variety of functions, which had been unimaginable a few years ago. Here we are in a position to produce even the smallest components with extremely thin wall thicknesses precisely and economically. Furthermore, deep drawing technology is equally suited to small batches as to mass production.


High quantity output

Thanks to short stroke times and long lifetimes of the tools high production performances can be achieved.

Various design options

With the material quality of deep drawing, various geometries can be created, ensuring a great design freedom is available.

High mechanical capacity

Through the transformation process of deep drawing, work hardening occurs, meaning deep draw parts can withstand a higher load than the starting material.

Special design options

Even complex geometries can be reliably and economically realised in up to 22 forming stages.


During deep drawing level metal cuts are tension formed into hollow bodies open on one side. Even highly complex geometries with the most varied of functional features can be realised in up to 22 forming stages. Our product range comprises both rotationally symmetric and non-round workpieces.
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SFS Group Technologies Deep Drawing Materials

Broad selection of materials

With our high-performance machinery we process all alloys suitable for deep drawing technology, such as low and high-alloyed steels, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

The broad range of materials allows customised solutions for various industries and application ranges. This allows part lengths of up to 140 mm to be realised. The ideal wall thicknesses for our production facilities are between 0.1 and 2 mm.

Construction tips

SFS Group Technologies Deep Drawing Construction Tips

Higher efficiency thanks to top-class process knowledge

Depending on the quantity and type of reshaping processes, with deep drawing significant parameters and functions can be designed. This means that with suitable materials and drawing lines on the shell surfaces, completely even wall thicknesses can be achieved. Various orifices (with or without flange) are just as easy to realise as embossing operations, both in axial and radial embossing directions. As the material solidifies during deep drawing depending on the starting material and the transformation of the material, with corresponding structures material can be economically saved or the functional reliability increased.


SFS Group Technologies Deep Drawing Dimensions

Various application options for a broad range of uses

Various design options with simultaneously tight tolerance values allow our constructors and developers to develop and implement more and more new innovations in a broad range of uses and dimensions in the area of deep drawing. Here we process materials with a thickness of 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm and realise parts with a length of up to 140 mm. Thanks to our comprehensive production expertise we are also in a position to realise customer-specific solutions for parts that have complex shapes.

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