SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Special Geometry


Even the best fastening system can only achieve the best results if it precisely matches the specifications. It is well worth while evaluating different solution approaches in the development phase of a project in order to optimise the benefits of fasteners.


A considerable reduction in effort and cost is achievable by using a thread forming screw instead of a conventional fastener. This may reduce the number complex work steps such as cutting female threads or using locking elements.

Economical and efficient

Complete solutions from one source. Function integration and significant cost savings by through thread-forming direct fastening.


Customised geometries for optimised screw connection processes and solutions for different materials.

Know-how and safety

Professional consulting and support for technical challenges. Extensive database of test reports from numerous tightening tests.

Maximum flexibility

Multi-functionality, special screws, special geometries and various coatings for securing, sealing and insulating with spedcaps®, spedlack®, spedstop® and spedseal®.


SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Special Geometry

Direct screw connections in metal

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Taptite


This fastener allows non-cutting thread forming during the insertion process. The product features low insertion torques and high preload forces. Tapered thread tips make it easier to locate the screw. The thread flanks have a radius profile which ensures constant friction conditions and contact pressures to minimise deformation of the mating material. This reduces insertion torque significantly, resulting in maximum preload force with low scattering.

  • TRILOBULAR® thread cross-section
  • Reduced costs due to simplified process
  • Secure and reliable screw connection

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Extrude Tite


The fastener is specially designed to fasten thin sheet metal. When inserted, the screw extrudes its own hole by combining the geometries of pilot hole diameter and thread tip. This dispenses with upstream processes to extrude the stamped part. Sheets can then be stacked close together without being scratched.

  • Dispenses with lock nuts; thread has high load-bearing capacity
  • High assembly process reliability due to high failing torque
  • Low space requirement due to short centering point

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Remform F


The REMFORM® II™ "F" (fine thread) is an application-specific version of the REMFORM® II™ screw. The narrow asymmetrical thread design optimises material displacement and material flow due to its rounded flank tip and convex load flank. The lower angle of the load flank reduces radial hoop stress and combined with the large thread depth ensures high torsional strength. It reduces the risk of cracking in the cored hole. The stronger inclination of the leading flank makes location in existing threads easier in the cored hole for repeated installation. The optimised thread form achieves greater installation safety.

  • Insertion in materials with low ductility (magnesium, zinc or aluminium alloys)
  • Low material displacement, good fastening results
  • Less chip and flake formation

Direct screw connections in plastic

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Remform

REMFORM® II™ – optimised thread form increases installation safety

The screw is an optimised fastening element for soft to hard reinforced plastics by combining the features of a special thread form and the relatively large thread pitch which provides the plastic material with enough space to allow secure anchorage.

  • Asymmetrical thread form
  • Special rounded flank profile and rounded flank tip
  • Produces a threaded seat with no backlash

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Remform HS

REMFORM® II™ HS (High Strength) – for highly reinforced and plastics prone to cracking

Compared with the REMFORM® II™, the HS version has a larger thread core, greater tensile strength of more than 1,000 N/mm2 (equivalent to Grade 10.9) and a smaller thread pitch. This makes it the ideal product for hard glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforced plastics. The smaller pitch of the HS thread offers benefits when it comes to limited insertion depth. Differences to conventional REMFORM® II™:

  • Larger thread core
  • Greater tensile strength over 1,000 N/mm2
  • Smaller pitch
  • HS version available as of ⌀≥ 2 mm

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Remform F

REMFORM® II™ "F" (fine thread) – the ideal fastener for material with low ductility

The REMFORM® II™ "F" screw has an even larger core diameter and a finer thread pitch than the “HS” version. Its high tensile strength of over 1,000 N/mm2 and the thread forming area extended over two turns are optimised for materials with low ductility. Additionally waxed for metal applications.

For efficient screw connections in:

  • Lightweight metals (magnesium and aluminium)
  • Thermosetting plastics
  • Highly reinforced thermoplastics
  • Plastic applications with short insertion depth

SFS Group Technologies Fastening Technology Pushtite

PUSHTITE® II push-in fastener – when speed is essential

The fastener is inserted axially and offers considerable time and cost savings. If removed later, PUSHTITE® II can be turned out like a screw. The asymmetrical thread form of PUSHTITE® II produces high pull-out force but low insertion force. The TRILOBULAR® cross-section ensures high removal torque and greater functional reliability.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • High pull-out force despite low insertion force
  • Trouble-free fully automated installation
  • Easy removal; ideal for later product recycling

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