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Many modern industry productions in which fastening technology is required can no longer be imagined without rivet technology due to its versatility. For more than 60 years and with a great deal of experience GESIPA® has been creating economic solutions with optimum benefits around blind rivet technology.


GESIPA® offers interesting solutions and real added value with innovative system technologies, decades of experience in the area of rivet technology and a wide range of connectors.


Benefit from our experience as early as the development phase. This allows you to relieve your capacities and reduce your development costs.

System solutions

Rivet technology at the highest level – this allows you to quickly optimise your production processes, save time and use your resources with greater focus.

Parts management

Minimise your parts and supplier diversity with us and reduce your C-parts, logistics and handling costs.

Worldwide delivery reliability

Count on the availability of our service and our products worldwide. With production locations in Europe, USA and Asia we are nearby everywhere and ensure your parts supply.


The focus is on your quality – secure your product quality with varied options of quality control as well as process-accompanying monitoring and documentation

After sales service

Good connections are based on trust and understanding. We understand you, worldwide.

Rivet technology

SFS Group Technologies Riveting neu niettechnik2

Many advantages are united in rivet technology, such as the overcoming of limited component accessibility or the permanent and secure joining together of the most varied materials, including sensitive ones. Blind rivets ensure the permanent joining together of even the most varied of materials. Blind rivet nuts are smart connection elements that create a highly stressable thread for a releasable connection, especially in thin workpieces that are only accessible on one side. All connectors are available in various versions, materials and shapes.

Processing devices

SFS Group Technologies Riveting Processing Devices

GESIPA® specialises in optimally adjusting the connection elements and processing devices, developed and produced in house, to the component specifications. Depending on the individual requirement, processing devices are developed and produced according to application, be it for blind rivets or blind rivet nuts. Furthermore, if required, process-monitoring processing devices can also secure and permanently document the quality of the connection.

WinTech – setting process monitoring

SFS Group Technologies Riveting WinTech neu GAV

With the process-oriented setting tools, in the production of critical components or even automated setting processes, a check and documentation of the results can be realised. WinTech setting process monitoring is ideal for demanding fastening technology of safety-relevant components with planned break rivets.

Industry 4.0 by GESIPA®

SFS Group Technologies Riveting iBird

The new generation of blind rivet processing allows a connection of the setting tool with mobile end devices via an app. Networking offers a great deal of added value such as the checking of rivet processes, processing security, status and service displays as well as quick and simple access to operating, maintenance and repair guides; ultimately the optimisation of the value added chain. Setting process assistant software is optionally available.

Fully automated rivet processing

SFS Group Technologies Riveting Fully Automated Rivet Processing

The automatic processing of blind rivets and blind rivet nuts is especially suited to industrial use in large-scale production. Here the setting tools are adjusted according to the customer requirements and can be easily installed in a robot application or used by an operator via the individual configuration.

Speed rivet technology

SFS Group Technologies Riveting Speed Rivet Technology

The speed rivet technology makes pre-magazine-loaded rivets available on a single-use mandrel for immediate use. The automatic feed of the magazine rivet allows particularly fast cycle times. The speed rivet technology represents an economical alternative to automation.

Solid riveting

SFS Group Technologies Riveting Solid Riveting

The area of solid riveting produces solid rivets and semi-tubular rivets according to customer-specific requirements. The solid and semi-tubular rivets offer a technical and economical alternative to screw connections or other connection systems. Thanks to various measurements, materials and head shapes, as well as appropriately produced processing devices, countless application cases can be covered.

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