SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Overview

Secondary operations

Pre-finished parts thanks to individual post-processing. With comprehensive options for post-processing we are able to offer customers customer-specific pre-finished components and even pre-installed assemblies. State-of-the-art processes and machines are available for this; from varied methods of follow-up treatment to 100% feature inspection and ultra-fine cleaning.


SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Secondary Forming, Transformation, Umformen Walzen


With transforming processes such as rollers, castors, furrows or knurling, threads or knurls are applied to the slug. As a positive side effect, the capacity of the parts is also improved by this.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Machining, Zerspanung


Thanks to cutting post-processing such as turning, milling, drilling, rubbing, grinding or reaming, precise contours can be created, holes are attached or internal threads cut.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Heat Treatment, Waermebehandlung

Heat treatment

With heat treatment methods such as annealing, hardening or quenching and tempering, the mechanical properties of a component can be specifically influenced – for example, strength, toughness or ductility.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Surface Treatment, Oberflaechenbehandlung

Surface treatment

Thanks to various methods or surface technology – for example, passivating, tinning, burnishing or varnishing – components are protected against corrosion, changed in their friction coefficient or receive unique aesthetic surfaces.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations 100% feature inspection, 100 Prozent Merkmalspruefung

100% feature inspection

Test procedures, such as image processing systems using shaft or head camera, eddy current or structure testing as well as roller devices, allow degrees of purity from 0 to 3 ppm, depending on the component.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Ultrafine cleaning, Feinstreinigung

Ultra-fine cleaning

With state-of-the-art, multi-layer cleaning processes such as immersion cleaning, ultra-sound or pressure-flooding, various impurities can be safely and comprehensively eliminated.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Securing and Sealing, Sichern und Dichten

Securing and sealing

Thanks to various techniques, processes and materials, chemical or mechanical fuses as well as sealing and insulating, functions can be integrated into components.

SFS Group Technologies Secondary Operations Fitting, Assembly Work, Montage


With our fitting service we fulfil the desire of our customer for pre-finished assemblies. We hereby not only mount the parts produced by us, but also, if necessary, purchased parts from certified suppliers.

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