sfs group injection moulding technology

Injection moulding technology

Innovative moulded parts made from plastic – With comprehensive production expertise, many years of know-how and state-of-the-art machines, SFS is one of the leading international providers in the area of injection moulding technology. Thanks to innovative processes and task-specifically selected plastics we are in a position to manufacture almost any shape in the required quality. This means that, in terms of metallic materials, it is not only significant weight that can be saved, but also costs – without compromises in terms of longevity and functionality.


Great design freedom

The technology of injection moulding allows almost unlimited variety in shapes – even intricate grid structures can be realised with high precision.

High quantity output

Thanks to the long service life of the tools, significant potential benefits are realised in large series.

Low weight

There are often significant weight savings compared to other materials.

Pre-finished components

Our injection-moulded parts are directly usable – without further follow-up treatment.

Varied material properties

Depending on the plastic and geometry, various material properties can be manufactured – from extremely hard and rigid to highly flexible to velvety smooth.

Innovative multi-component parts

Even two-component parts, particularly hard/soft or metal/plastic combinations as well as overmoulded Carda products are possible.


During the injection moulding process the respective plastic is first liquefied as a granulate and then spray under pressure in an injection mould tool. Here the plastic returns to a solid state by cooling or a cross-linking reaction and can then be removed as a finished part. Plastic injection-moulded parts by SFS can be produced in the most varied of shapes and properties and are therefore suitable for use in a variety of areas such as vehicles, mobile phones or dishwashers.
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SFS Group Technologies Injection Moulding Materials

Custom-made for the purpose of use

Fundamentally, all thermoplastics from polyolefins to technical materials to high-performance materials, such as Peek, are suitable for injection moulding technology. Thanks to our specific application expertise for the processing of technical thermoplastics, high-performance plastics and thermoplastic elastomers we are in a position to define the best-possible customer-specific material for every task.

Construction tips

SFS Group Technologies Injection Moulding Construction Tips

Produce more efficiently thanks to proactive planning

In all the versatility, certain parameters also have to be taken into account with injection moulding such as design and surface quality. Even with small geometrical or material adjustments, generally all desired functions can be implemented. Use our know-how!


SFS Group Technologies Injection Moulding Dimensions

Broad spectrum of applications

The product spectrum in injection moulding comprises the smallest parts with a weight of less than 0.01 g up to medium-sized components, assemblies or even hybrid parts. Thanks to our comprehensive production expertise even complex shapes and continually new application-specific solutions can be realised.

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