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Quality, environmental and safety policies

It is our joint responsibility to satisfy requirements for our products and services as well as to comply with requirements and laws relating to occupational health, safety and environmental protection. Within this context SFS will publish a Sustainability Report based on the internationally recognized GRI Standards (Core option) every year from now on.

Quality: Products and Services
We impress our customers by providing the required quality. We strive to achieve the «zero defect» goal for all our processes, products and services. Each employee is qualified to ensure that the specified processes and requirements comply with the applicable standards within the field of his/her responsibility.

We evaluate the performance of our processes using suitable indicators and relevant measurable objectives. We systematically analyze failure causes and solve them effectively and sustainably. We aim for lean processes and to avoid waste. We are committed to continuous improvement.

Environment: Environmental protection and sustainability
We are committed to a sustainable business operation, to protect the environment and to continuously improve our environmental performance. We use energy and other resources carefully and efficiently to reduce or avoid unnecessary pollution of the environment.

Our products and services are compatible with the environment and conserve resources over the entire life cycle. We bring awareness to our employees so that they can fulfill their environmental responsibility.

Safety: Occupational Health and Safety
We protect the lives and health of our employees by providing safe and healthy working conditions. We establish appropriate safety measures according to the identification and assessment of the degree of exposure to any dangers and risks.

We strive to avoid employee accidents by promoting awareness and carrying out preventive programs. Involve and participate our employees on the subject of occupational health and safety.

We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their own health and safety.

Business Management System

All the requirements of the quality, environment and safety management systems have been collated by SFS into an integrated Business Management System (BMS) documenting every procedure relevant to the business.

The basis of the SFS Business Management System is the fulfilment of the following international standards:

  • ISO 9001: Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001: Environmental management systems
  • ISO 45001: Occupational health and safety management systems
Depending on the operating area and the sector supplied, sites conform to further management systems - certifications:
  • IATF 16949: Automotive quality management system standard
  • EN 9100: Quality management systems – requirements for aviation, space and defence organisations
  • ISO 13485: Quality Management System – medical devices
  • ISO 17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
The Business Management System and its defined procedures are uniform for all SFS sites and absolutely binding. Individual sites will enhance the procedures solely with site-specific documentation such as particular customer requirements.

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