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Clear objectives: After identifying the key themes that have a bearing on SFS’s sustainable development, clear objectives and actions have been drawn up.

2019: Sustainability Report according to GRI Standards (option "Core") published

Sustainable business practices have been part of SFS’s DNA from day one. In order to broaden and deepen the company’s reporting on sustainability, a separate website was created. SFS will publish a Sustainability Report based on the internationally recognized GRI Standards (Core option) every year from now on.

2018: improvements achieved

Sustainability is a key aspect of SFS’ daily business activities. Continuous dialogue with our partners is the basis of our mutual progress and success. SFS Group intensified its dialogue with its stakeholders during the financial year 2018.

Materiality assessment developed
Progress was made in the six key themes that were identified within the scope of the materiality assessment. These topics are most crucial to SFS’ sustainable development and are listed below:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Economic value creation and distribution to stakeholders
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Regular performance and career development reviews
  • Programs for skill management and lifelong learning
  • Training and education

Focus on implementation
During the year under review, efforts were focused primarily on the improvement of the sustainable performance of the six priority topics and on establishing and further strengthening the pertinent management structures.

Our dialogue with all stakeholders will be expanded in 2019 and will ensure that SFS Group’s materiality matrix is continuously updated and improved.

UN Global Compact – Communication on Progress
SFS continues to remain engaged in other areas as well. For instance, it is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and has upheld the ten principles embodied in this corporate sustainability initiative since 2010. Progress has been made in the following sectors:

  • Human rights
  • Anti-corruption efforts
  • Labor standards
  • Environmental protection

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