The aviation industry faces two challenges: customization and automation. As a manufacturer of fastening systems, we are convinced that these goals can only be achieved by reducing and combining interfaces. Integrating the light panel into the side wall attachment of an aircraft cabin allows us to simplify the assembly method and enhance passenger comfort.

Ready for automation

Lite2fix keeps the interfaces to a minimum for a possible robot installation or an ergonomic installation for a human being. The self-adjusting system improves the assembly process so that production is faster, while harmonized damping systems mean that the cabin is quieter than ever before.

Reduced interfacesFits any size of aircraft
Self-adjusting systemNo corrections necessary

Ready for customization

lite2fix is 100 percent freely design- and programmable. You can use it for branding, passenger information, lighting or whatever you may think of.

Individual cover designTo represent your brand
OLED technologyTo show any information
De/boarding and emergency assistanceTo guide the passenger

Ready for jetlag reduction

When it comes to cabin lighting, jetlite’s chronobiological lighting solution is key to a pleasant travel experience and offers many opportunities to the airline.

Jetlag has been shown to be strongly influenced by exposure to light. By adjusting light color, temperature and intensity throughout flights, jetlite’s lighting encourages passengers to adjust their sleep schedules and arrive at their destination well rested and less jetlagged. jetlite"blue" vitalizes passengers, while jetlite "red" supports melatonin production and therefore periods of rest.

Scientifically proven
Jetlite «blue»
Jetlite «red»
Manufacturer Airline Passenger
Reduction of interfaces
• Unified structure bracket
• Weight-saving
• Cost-saving
Enhanced passenger front end
• Visually appealing side panels
• Simple replacement of side panels
Jetlag prevention
• Enhanced comfort
• jetlite’s human-centric lighting
Ease of assembly
• Self-adjusting
• Hidden gaps
• Ease of maintenance
Efficient de/boarding assistance
• Time-saving processes
• Live-saving EVAC lighting
Real-time travel information
• Facilitated journey
• Support to reach connecting flights
Ready for automation
• Increased production rate
• Automated start-up control
Merchandise opportunities
• New point-of-sale
• Chance for new partnerships
Premium customer experience
• Customer-centric enhancements

Research and innovation programs


The way to a future aircraft factory

lite2fix is the further development of the CALITO project, which is part of the European Clean Sky 2 program ACCLAIM. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, Clean Sky is developing “innovative, cutting-edge technology for ecologically efficient aircraft of the future” and is the largest ever European aeronautics research program.


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