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Electronics – 2022

Miniature work with wire For electronics devices such as smart watches and smart home devices, Unisteel manufactures tiny wire products.

Automotive – 2022

Reliable safety thanks to close cooperation across the ocean In 2006, SFS and Chris Cintos de Segurança started the joint development of torsion bars, in 2021 SFS supplied more than one million of them to the Brazilian company.

SFS Group – 2022

Diversity as part of the corporate culture Diversity forms part of Unisteel’s corporate culture.

SFS Group – 2022

Reducing emissions with “Lean & Green” Numerous measures from several divisions and countries were implemented over the past year that were designed not only to reduce energy consumption, cutting waste and emissions but also to use renewable energies and promote biodiversity.

SFS Group – 2022

Comprehensive “Green Initiative” at Unisteel To cut its CO2 emissions, Unisteel has launched a “Green Initiative” to integrate the topic of environmental protection into the company’s day-to-day work.

Construction – 2022

First circular roof In cooperation with several manufacturers, Guardian in Helmond (Netherlands), a company of the SFS Group, was able to help design the first circular roof in the Netherlands.

Electrical engineering, Electrical devices and tools – 2022

Working together in partnership – the key to success for the technology of the future Working with SFS, Belimo has come up with an innovation in thermal energy meters – the Belimo Energy Valve™.

Automotive – 2022

Next generation With the development of a spindle nut system, SFS were able to build further on their long-term partnership with their customer Continental.

Industry & Trade (Switzerland) – 2022

Cleverly simple – simply clever: Stadler is counting on the HOLEX 24seven goods issuing system The HOLEX 24seven of SFS assists the employees from Stadler on a daily basis.