toolLOG®– digital optimization of process costs

toolLOG® stands for a comprehensive inventory management system that simplifies and visualizes business processes. Procurement processes can be easily and digitally depicted from either a stationary or a mobile device with this versatile software. Moreover, all product ranges can be integrated into the toolLOG® system, regardless of which company supplies them. The advantages of this automated inventory management system also impressed Stadler Rail AG.

Added Value

  • Automated submission of orders with individual delivery options
  • Unlimited access to the full range of SFS products
  • Integration of third-party products
  • Visualization of items that have been issued and of subsequent processes
  • Cost transparency plus various analytical features
toolLOG® offers full access to the full range of SFS products

From smart to comprehensively thought through

A former inventory management system called “Smart Tool” was installed at Stadler's plant in Bussnang, Switzerland, in October 2013. Convinced by the simple user interface design and time-saving features of Smart Tool, in the summer of 2019 Stadler migrated to the successor solution, the well-thought-through business process solution toolLOG®.

Heinz Wegelin, the manager of Stadler's internal supply operations:

“We used to manage these processes manually, with the help of Excel lists. Thanks to toolLOG®, we have saved a lot of time and were able to cut our costs.”

Thanks to the automated inventory management system, Stadler maintains a good overview, even during hectic times

Compelling advantages

Up to 1,000 people are issued protective equipment and tools by the plant's supply office every day. Heinz Wegelin, the manager of Stadler's internal supply operations, relies on SFS’s automated inventory management system to keep track of everything even during hectic times. He is impressed by its overall ease of use.