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Domestic & kitchen appliances

The highest productivity with ready-to-install products for automatic assembly: costly assembly lines become much more efficient thanks to high-quality products that have been checked with respect to specific features. This results in optimised productivity and increases the functional reliability of the end product.

Range of competences


Washing machines, tumble dryers, clothes irons and steam generators.

Personal care

Razors, epilators, hair trimmers, hair dryers and electric toothbrushes.

Refrigeration & cold storage

Refrigerators & freezers.


Automatic dishwashers.

Cooking and baking

Cookers, ovens, steamers, microwave ovens, grills, pressure cookers and pans.

Small household appliances

Coffee machines, kettles and toasters.

Contact & Services

SFS Group Contact

Team Industrial Appliances

P +41 71 727 56 71

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