SFS supports Solvatten in its mission to provide access to clean water for all

Media release – March 22, 2024

On the occasion of today’s World Water Day, SFS Group announces its new strategic partnership with Solvatten. The Swedish company develops and manufactures environmentally friendly water cannisters for people with restricted access to clean and warm water. The fasteners in the portable cannisters have to meet high standards in terms of longevity and resistance to corrosion. SFS optimized these fasteners and provides them to Solvatten, along with an annual financial contribution.

SFS Group has chosen World Water Day, an annual United Nations observance day, to announce its new strategic partnership with Solvatten. By making this commitment SFS is not just supporting Solvatten in its mission to provide access to clean water for all; it is also helping protect the climate and generating a positive impact on society.

Strategic partnership with Solvatten
Solvatten AB is a social company based in Stockholm (Sweden). It has developed the Solvatten® Kit – an environmentally friendly drinking water solution that uses solar energy to clean and heat water. Solvatten evaluated the materials used very carefully to make sure these canisters are not only manufactured sustainably but also have the longest possible useful life. Working with the Value Creators at SFS Group they identified components that are both light and especially hard-wearing.

“We are thrilled to announce that SFS has extended its support to our mission. With their knowledge, technology, and grant assistance, we are expanding our reach and impact, starting with our project in Uganda. This partnership marks a milestone in our journey, and we are excited to see the positive change it will bring to communities in need. We invite other organizations and foundations to join us in this important cause, to reduce emissions and promote the use of our purest source, our sun, to treat and heat water,” says Solvatten’s founder Petra Wadström.

Added value for the environment and society
In 2024 some 640 families in Ugandan refugee settlements will benefit from life-changing improvements. These families are often traumatized by climate-driven migration, natural disasters, conflicts and social unrest. The Solvatten® Kits will give them access to clean and warm water. As a consequence, they will need fewer medical interventions caused by dirty water and can cut the energy costs associated with traditional heating methods significantly. The total annual savings are about half a million Swiss francs and roughly 650 tonnes of CO2.

“We are proud to have found a great partner in Solvatten, who shares our values and objectives. The positive effects of this collaboration are massive: First, the Solvatten® Kits cut CO2 emissions. Second, the people concerned – often women – spend much of their time gathering clean drinking water and will have more time to devote to their education, for example,” says Jens Breu, the CEO of SFS.