SFS turns to climate-neutral energy for its Swiss manufacturing locations

News – 16 March 2021

Electricity consumption is the largest source of the company’s CO₂ emissions, accounting for about 80% of SFS Group's global carbon emissions. To further improve the company’s sustainability profile, SFS is turning to exclusively climate-neutral electricity for its Swiss production locations. A new photovoltaic system is being installed at company headquarters in Heerbrugg which will produce approximately 8.5% of the electrical energy that the company needs in Switzerland. The remaining electricity consumed by the company’s production sites in Switzerland is sourced exclusively from hydroelectric power stations as of 2021.

New photovoltaic system will cover 8.5% of the company’s electricity needs
SFS will generate 8.5% of the electricity it needs for its Swiss manufacturing sites through the significant expansion of the existing photovoltaic power system at its headquarters in Heerbrugg (CH). The installation of the new system will be completed within the next few weeks and the system will be completely operational in the first quarter 2021. With a maximum output of 4,000 kWp (kilowatts peak), it will be one of the largest photovoltaic systems in eastern Switzerland. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 3,000 to 4,000 single family homes.

Transition to climate-neutral electricity initiated
SFS's remaining electricity requirements will be satisfied by hydroelectric power producers from 2021 on and SFS intends to be fully committed to climate-neutral electricity at all of its Swiss production sites in the future. In doing so, the company underscores not only its endeavor to continuously reduce its ecological footprint, but also is making a contribution to the Swiss government’s national climate policy (net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050).