“Tools create value”:

The Hoffmann Group Foundation helps

A sense of social responsibility and commitment have been an integral part of the Hoffmann Group’s company culture for decades. This mindset prompted the creation of the Hoffmann Group Foundation in 2006 under the motto of “Tools create value”.

Added value

  • Social commitment: “Helping on the doorstep”
  • Giving tools: we empower children and young people to discover their own strengths
  • Creating safe spaces: being allowed to be a child, trying things out, learning through play
  • Promoting a positive and helpful corporate culture
Great pictures are created in the art and workroom of the ORANGE PROJECT in Dormagen (Germany).

Support for disadvantaged and traumatized children
Since 2006, the Foundation has primarily supported charitable organizations in Germany that promote the development of disadvantaged and traumatized children and young people. Among them are young people who are disadvantaged or have been traumatized due to severe illnesses, disabilities of any kind or by a difficult social environment.

The Foundation’s projects offer children a safe haven where they can recharge their batteries and give them plenty of space for creativity and self-expression. They can try things out in workshops, grow through their artwork and gain newfound self-confidence. That, in turn, will help them process their traumatic experiences.

Verena Heinrich Director of Hoffmann Group Foundation
“We strongly believe that every child has the capacity to lead a successful and happy life. And we are doing our best to help those who can’t achieve that goal on their own.”

The Foundation sees itself not only as a “funder” of charitable institutions and projects, but also acts cooperatively, in partnership and on an equal footing. The broad range of support we provide in workshops, the riding hall or in art, music and dance therapy enables children and young people to discover their talents, develop their skills and build up their self-confidence in the process.

Nicola Januschke-Bleicher Co-founder of Hoffmann Group Foundation
“Our motto has been “helping right outside our own front door” for years now. Through our nationwide projects, we’d like to create valuable experiences for children and young people that have a lasting impact.”

A look back at 2022:

An integration class with childen from Ukraine

Special projects for Ukraine
Expanding the support to specifically help refugee children fleeing Ukraine and their families was a matter of immense importance to Foundation in the past year. Working together with longstanding cooperation partners, the Foundation was able to put some special projects together for Ukrainian refugees that focused on both networking and creativity.

ORANGE PROJECT Dormagen (Germany), for example, has been organizing art classes for Ukrainian children and young people since April 2022. An artist was on hand to guide the afternoons’ activities. The children had fun painting and, in the process, playfully regained some confidence in their own abilities and skills.

At the elementary school on Ravensburger Ring in Munich (Germany), the Foundation supported a creative offering for refugee children in the local “Welcome Group”. Within the scope of the “Architektur macht Schule” (“Architecture is catching on”) project, children had an opportunity to innovate and come up with their own creations, including buildings and bridges. The children took great pleasure in building their models, expanded their horizons and learned to work together as a team.

HoffmannGroupOrangeProjekt Berlin_1920
The children should be allowed to fully bent to their creativity.

New ORANGE PROJECT Berlin (Germany)
The existing ORANGE PROJECTS in Nuremberg and Dormagen (Germany) were joined by a third art and therapy workshop in the fall of 2022.

The Hoffmann Group Foundation and the Evangelische Jugend- und Fürsorgewerk (Evangelical youth and welfare organization, EJF) celebrated the grand opening of the ORANGE PROJECT Berlin at the Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentrum Neukölln (Neukölln Child and Youth Welfare Centre, KJHZ) on September 15, 2022. There are currently 200 children and young people receiving care on an outpatient basis at the KJHZ. Another 126 children and young people live there in different groups designed to meet their specific educational and therapy needs.

The new ORANGE PROJECT complements the facility’s overall concept of providing social support to children and offers ample space for creative experiences and treatments.

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