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An indoor athletics facility with exceptional roofing

“Miramas Métropole” Stadium in southern France is impressive not just by its size but due to its unique infrastructure. The project managers entrusted construction of the frame and tensile fabric membrane that covers the building to SMC2, the specialist in textile architecture and timber construction projects. To ensure the fastening system matched the specifications perfectly, SMC2 contacted SFS early at the beginning of the project.

Added Value

  • Optimal fastening solution according to the project-specific special design
  • Accompaniment of the entire construction phase
  • Support through technical expertise on site
SMC2CHABANNE_MIRAMAS_Stade d'athlétisme_©Guillaume Guérin (76)_1920px
“Miramas Métropole” Stadium in southern France

Europe’s largest indoor athletics facility realized

Europe’s largest indoor athletics facility opened in Miramas, southern France, in October 2020 after four years of construction. A stunning 10,000 m2 tensile fabric roof tops the structure. Commissioned by the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan area, the project was designed and developed by the French architectural agency Chabanne & Rill and engineering consultancy Valéry Calvi. SMC2, the company responsible for construction of the roof frame and building envelopes, built the frame consisting of a three-dimensional lattice of glued laminated timber and galvanized steel. The construction has a total span of 80 m without a supporting column in the spaces.


Innovative building envelope perfectly fastened through collaborative partnership

To ensure that the extraordinary building envelope would be safely and securely fastened in accordance with the high technical specifications, SMC2 consulted the experts at SFS at a very early stage of the project. WR fasteners secure the complex lattice girder joints and reinforce their structure. VAB-S fastening systems in conjunction with SWA-S speciality screws provide the perfect connection between profiles and bearers.

All products were manufactured by SFS in special designs for this project. In addition to the reliable and long-term collaboration with SFS, it was the overall competence that convinced the customer. SFS not only provided the optimal fastening solution, but also accompanied the project with its technical expertise and support on site throughout the entire construction phase.

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