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Digital solutionsto reach everybody

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization around the world. The same holds true at SFS, where further great strides were made: A video room was set up in Heerbrugg (Switzerland) where livestreams can be broadcasted to all corners of the world to ensure that employees can still be reached for joint events, also at times when travel is more difficult. Another was the rollout of mySFS: This app-based solution gives even employees without computer access the chance to call up internal information at any time.

Added value

  • Substantial reductions in costs and CO2 emissions thanks to digital events requiring no travel, accommodations or meals
  • Better internal communications with greater reach thanks to the mySFS employee app
  • Security thanks to an independent communication channel
Section from the video room in Heerbrugg (Switzerland)

From zero to sixty: The same applies to SFS’s video room and event platform, which can be used to stream events. Following an evaluation phase and an approximately two-month construction period, the video room was completed in a building adjacent to the headquarters in Heerbrugg. The room was then furnished with state-of-the-art video equipment. The event platform went live at the same time and began by successfully streaming smaller events.

Communication possible even without physical contact

Several different features of the event platform, including the Community and Private Chat functions or the possibility of conducting Q&A sessions and surveys, make it possible to stay in touch and interact with employees. It also helps gather opinions on specific (content-related) topics or collect feedback about events.

Livestream via the event platform

This platform offers a direct channel to employees, either at their respective locations or when working from home, without requiring them to travel to a meeting venue. That not only cuts costs for travel, food and accommodations, but it’s also environmentally friendly. An internal annual kick-off event, for example, costs about three times less in digital form than it does in physical form – and that’s not even counting all the time saved by participants. Another advantage: Because the events can be recorded, the information is also available later to anyone who was unable to attend.

Reach targeted employee groups

The new mySFS employee app also forms part of SFS’s digital revolution. It replaces the aging Intranet and the rollout, which was launched late in the summer of 2020, has now been completed at nearly all sites around the world. This solution will enable news articles being accessible to targeted groups of recipients – worldwide and in many different languages. Since the app can be installed on a mobile device, it even reaches employees without computer access. mySFS also serves as our channel for emergency communications as a result.

The app offers comprehensive information about all SFS locations, divisions and departments. Its most important features include the employee directory, chat, like and comment functions. Work is currently underway to integrate “Employee Self Services” (ESS), which comprise timekeeping and absence notification functions. As soon as these functions have been integrated into mySFS, the adoption rate will surely rise even further.

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