Fixinginjured knees

Knee cartilage tears are a common injury, especially when playing sports. Patients frequently need surgery to fix them. Tegra Medical manufactures the precise instruments surgeons need to repair torn cartilage.

Added value

  • Years of experience and disciplined manufacturing procedures ensure that sharp metal tips remain sharp, even during insert molding
  • Surgery with this instrument is minimally invasive, which helps reduce the risk of complications
  • The ergonomic design allows the surgeon to deploy implants in any hand position – vertically or horizontally on either side of the meniscus

A painful knee injury
One of the most common knee injuries is a torn meniscus, which is cartilage that cushions the knee joint and acts as a shock absorber between the shin and thigh bones. It can tear after any activity that causes a forceful twist or rotation of the knee, such as when playing sports. Also, as people age, they can get this injury from innocuous activities like climbing stairs or exiting a car. It causes acute pain, swelling, and reduced knee motion.

Tears do not heal on their own, so surgeons must trim and repair the cartilage. This arthroscopic surgery requires specialized instruments, including suturing devices manufactured by Tegra Medical. During the procedure, the surgeon makes small cuts for inserting a tiny camera and the surgical tools for trimming the tear. Because the surgery is minimally invasive and only small incisions are needed, there is less trauma to healthy tissue around the joint and reduced risk of infection and other complications.

A complicated instrument to fix a common injury
The suturing device manufactured by Tegra Medical has a sophisticated design that includes ergonomic features that allow a surgeon to operate from various angles. The instrument must be strong enough to implant anchors that hold a suture in place, yet precise and sharp enough to pierce the meniscus in the exact spot without damaging cartilage or bone.


Precise surgery
After the surgeon inserts the device through the meniscus tear, the handle is manipulated to deploy a tiny anchor from the tip; it is attached to a suture and holds it in place. The surgeon then repositions the tip to other parts of the tear, inserting other anchors and placing more suture points as needed depending on the size of the tear, and then carefully tightens the suture.

After this, the surgeon can use a suture cutter, another device Tegra Medical manufactures, to sever the suture that was just placed. Tegra Medical makes components for several other tools used in meniscus repair.

Sharp devices make the cut
One of the most important features of the suturing device is its sharp and precise tip. Tegra Medical has developed processes to preserve the sharp tips of devices like these that have plastic handles insert-molded around the metal. Many other manufacturers are unable to keep the metal tips sharp during downstream processes such as insert molding.

Devices for knee arthroscopy are just some of the many products Tegra Medical makes for the largest OEMs in the sports medicine market.


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