High-quality and sustainable renovation –with Dynamic 3D

In the heart of the deep forest in Småland, Sweden, near the home of Astrid Lindgren, lies Vimmerby, where MIR Gruppen AB has been producing windows and balcony doors since 1980. MIR produces maintenance-free composite windows with millimeter-precision fit in large and small volumes. For the two renovation projects Nyköping and Västerås in Sweden, with a total of 215 balcony doors and 1,221 windows, MIR used Dynamic 3D hinges from SFS.

Added value

  • Aesthetic design with minimally visible door hinges
  • Individual solutions thanks to a wide range of standard RAL colors and individual RAL colors on request
  • High-quality and environmentally friendly solution

Dynamic 3D N high-quality hinges are adjustable in three directions and easy to install. In addition, they ensure a permanently high degree of tightness and thus contribute to an improved indoor climate and a reduction in energy consumption. The high quality of the hinges ensures the safety function of the doors throughout their life time. MIR's employees are involved in the process from the initial contact right through to the assembled finished product and ensure correct installation.


White Dynamic 3D N
The renovation of the Nyköping residential development was urgently needed. The building owners invested in high-quality products, creating a safe and pleasant living environment for the tenants. Not only the windows and balcony doors, but also the apartment doors were replaced with security doors. MIR also replaced the front doors with aluminum doors painted with Decoral Altholz, which brings aluminum doors to life. In this project, the balcony doors with the profile system Living 82 Alu Inside from Schüco with Dynamic 3D N from SFS were used.

balcony doors

Black Dynamic 3D N
In a beautiful setting of parks and forests, MIR carried out the renovation of this residential development in Västerås. In the five buildings, the apartments have large balconies where residents can enjoy the summer months to the fullest. The new windows and doors will provide the residents with a more comfortable indoor climate in both summer and winter. MIR used the Schüco Living 82 Alu Inside system with black aluminum cladding in this project, as well as the black Dynamic 3D N.

balcony doors

Interview with Victor Rydersten, CEO of MIR Gruppen AB in Sweden:


“What products and services does MIR Gruppen offer?”
“We produce and install composite window and balcony doors, entrance door in aluminium and renovation of windows.”

“Tell us something about the history of MIR.”
“MIR Gruppen was founded in 1980 by Inge Rydersten. The production facility is located in Vimmerby, the hometown of Astrid Lindgren in southeast Sweden. This area is well known in Sweden as home to the largest window industry with a tradition of expertise. In 1994, the second generation of the Rydersten family took over the management through Christer Rydersten. After 26 years of management with Christer, it was time for the third generation of the Rydersten family. Christer's sons, Victor and Oscar, still run the family business today.”

“Some current facts?”
“We generated sales of around EUR 9 million in 2021 with approx. 40 employees.”

“Where is the focus of MIR today?”
“We are investing in the future, in the production and installation of our products. The part of the company that deals with the renovation of windows is moving slightly slower than the other areas. There seems to be a high demand for our products on the market. With quality and technology, our suppliers ensure that together we can meet the market demand for sustainable solutions.
The aluminum front doors are a new product segment in the company. We are now a more complete supplier to our customers and can serve them with more on-site installations in the same time.”

“What are the major differences between SFS's Dynamic 3D N and the flag hinge you used before?”
“First of all, Dynamic 3D N is easier to install in our production line. This is a very important point for us to optimize the production process. We are constantly trying to shorten the lead time of our products without neglecting the quality. Quality is one of our keywords, and SFS supports us in this.
The result using Dynamic 3D N from SFS is a very appealing design of the doors and windows with minimally visible hinges compared to the predecessor, and optimal quality throughout the life of the product.”

“What is the feedback on SFS hinges from your customers, partners and own employees?”
“We receive only positive reactions to the SFS products. They have an attractive and contemporary design and are easy to use.

Our installation team believes that the hinges are easy to install and adjust, which ensures a long service life, while optimizing installation for the end user. They are easy to adjust using only a 4mm Allen key. The technology and quality of the products is unique and meets our high standards.”

Residential development Västerås (Sweden)

“How does the cooperation with SFS work?”
“From our point of view, the cooperation with SFS is excellent. We have a very good relationship with our contact persons at SFS intec AB in Strängnäs (Sweden) and they help us in all areas. The personal commitment of our suppliers is very important to us. SFS delivers what it promises. Our customer not only chooses the white or black exterior as standard, but also wants matching colored hinges in the windows and doors. SFS helps us with unique color matching with short delivery times.”


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