The Lake Mutt dam

1'050 meters for CHF 2.1 billion: The longest dam in Switzerland is also the highest in Europe. The steel railing that secures the path along the dam was installed using the versatile fischer Superbond fastening system from SFS.This project – a celebration of superlatives – was completed at Limmern, Linthal in the Canton of Glarus in 2017, following seven years of intensive construction work. .

Added value

  • Evaluation of the most effective fastening system
  • Cooperative partnership

1,050 metres
This dam, over a kilometre in length, stands at 2,500 metres above sea level. It is a central element of the pumped storage power station in Limmern. This major engineering project was planned and financed by the energy company Axpo and the Canton of Glarus.

A project of superlatives
During the course of the construction project, the volume of Lake Mutt was increased from its original nine to 24 million cubic metres. As a result of the construction of the 1,050 metre-long and up to 35 metre-high gravity dam, the water level in the lake rose by 28 metres to a height of 2,474 metres above sea level. A steel hand rail was fitted all along the lakeside edge of the longest dam in Switzerland to make it safer for pedestrian visitors.

Impressive: 680 posts were securely anchored using the fischer Superbond system from SFS

Working with the customer, SFS evaluated a range of fastener options to secure the metal retaining structure of the hand rail, including a firm ground anchorage, with managers from both companies finally opting for the fischer fixings system, Superbond. 680 posts were anchored by means of three fixings apiece in the concrete head, making them more than capable of supporting the calculated horizontal load.

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