Optimum C-parts management

KYBURZ Switzerland AG develops and manufactures high-quality electric vehicles for delivery companies, industrial users, local authorities and private individuals. Thanks to the use of turnLOG® 2 from SFS, the customer has a clear picture of every article and its stock management, as well as profiting from reduced storage and component management costs.

Added Value

  • Savings associated with assembly and purchasing
  • C-part storage cost reductions
  • Improved quality via more secure processes
  • Easy to integrate into the existing stores infrastructure

turnLOG® 2 – turned, ordered, delivered!

The turnLOG® 2 logistics solution offers a stock management system for fasteners, providing the customer with many advantages. A simple turn of the stock bin initiates reordering. Two-way communication enables complete transparency, with order status monitoring from order placement to delivery. What’s more, all component and order details can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet.

KYBURZ Switzerland AG, Freienstein:
“Flexibility is very important to us. The SFS system enables us to continuously adapt our component range according to our specific needs. That’s why the SFS logistics system is already in place at three different KYBURZ sites.”

Successful collaboration

KYBURZ and SFS have been working together successfully since 2014. Customer closeness enabled SFS to further develop the existing stock management system to match the customer’s requirements. This way, KYBURZ profits from savings in process costs and reduced stock levels, as well as gaining a complete picture of all components and stock management data.

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