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Sharp tips make successful medical devices

It is critically important that medical devices have sharp edges. Tegra Medical has developed a series of processes that ensure a medical device’s sharp tip does not lose its edge during the manufacturing process.

Added Value

  • Industry’s best reputation for sharp devices
  • Proprietary processes during all phases of the manufacturing process
  • Sharper devices are safer and more effective

How sharp should a device be?

Imagine trying to use a pencil to poke a hole in an orange. You try to push it in but it is very difficult to break the skin of the orange. Then the pencil tip breaks and the orange is mangled.

Now imagine that instead of an orange it is a patient in the operating room. And instead of a pencil the surgeon is holding a medical instrument, which she is going to use to perform a delicate procedure on the patient. You would not want the situation to be like that of the pencil and the orange!


This example is a simplified illustration of how important it is that certain medical devices are sharp – really sharp! For medical professionals to do their best work they must have high-quality instruments and devices. Fortunately, Tegra Medical is renown in the medical device industry for manufacturing devices with the sharpest tips.

Most of us think of metal as being very hard, but actually the metal “business end” of a precise medical device can be delicate. The soft metal is good for one or two very precise cuts. So, the device must still be extremely sharp by the time it gets into the hands of the medical professional who needs to use it.


Manufacturing know-how makes the difference

Naturally, manufacturing a sharp edge in the first place is a requirement. But the more difficult part is keeping it sharp through all the myriad other manufacturing, molding, assembly, and packaging steps that take place before the device leaves the factory. This is where Tegra Medical stands out from the crowd, having developed several proprietary processes that keep a device from losing its edge.


When only the best will do

For example, one customer hired Tegra Medical to create the sharp metal tip of their device but was already using another supplier for molding and assembly. When the other supplier shipped the final devices to the customer, they were no longer as sharp.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get their other supplier to maintain the sharp edges the customer realized that only Tegra Medical was going to keep the devices sharp enough for their high standards, so they asked Tegra Medical to handle all the steps of making the device, from the sharp “business end” to the molded handle and everything in between.

Keeping devices sharp is a discipline instilled in everything Tegra Medical does.

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