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September 2022 saw the opening of the new SmartHotel Bodø by Gunvald Johansen AS in Norway. For the substructure of the hotel’s façades, the company relied on SFS’s many years of experience and the high-quality NVELOPE® substructure system.

Added value

  • Efficient problem solving thanks to wide experience in technology used for many years
  • Good communication ensures effective cooperation and successful project completion
  • Individual solutions for individual customers

Bodø is a mini-metropolis in the northwest of Norway. In 2016 it was named Norway’s most attractive city for sustainable urban development, and in 2024 it will be one of the three European Capitals of Culture.

SmartHotel Bodø opened recently in this popular city and has 161 rooms offering fine views to the surrounding mountains. The hotel is centrally located and intended to accommodate both business and leisure travelers.


SFS solves problems
The façade was built from Larson ACM colored in Holo Gold/Silver, partly with Trespa panels from Vink AS. This was a new product for the customer and there were technical challenges related to differences between the dimensions of the primary structural support and the size of the panels.

Gunvald Johansen AS reached out to SFS and found the wide knowledge and considerable experience of our technicians convincing. Fortunately, SFS and Vink had already worked together on several projects in Norway and therefore knew each other’s capabilities.

Solution found in house
SFS was therefore asked to find a solution for fixing the façade panels between the diamond-shaped windows. The construction was built with 2x2.5 m ACM panels. After calculating the right type of system, screw and number of fasteners, we built a test construction with the same type of panels to test the possible variants. This allowed us to find the ideal composition in house. The tests were performed in conjunction with the customer Gunvald Johansen and architects Norconsult AS to ensure that the design was approved.

The distance from the panel to the fixing point of the brackets varied. This challenge was solved by making a special omega galvanized steel for the horizontal fixing in order to be able to attach the brackets vertically. Again, this was done in close cooperation with the customer and the architects.

The deployed NVELOPE® system

Customer requirements met
Gunvald Johansen approved the result and SFS delivered the complete NV1 system, including all the bolts needed. This variant of the NVELOPE® system met the customer’s requirements and so the Norwegian SFS team won the project. We delivered a total of 1,850 brackets, 4,300 m of rails and 42,000 bolts.

The cooperation between all partners involved to find the right solution for the SmartHotel was more than successful. Gunvald Johansen’s team has done a great job in installing the façades with SFS products.

Tom Arild Olsen Project manager from Gunvald Johansen
“We are more than satisfied with the products, the training received and the services from SFS. We will take this positive experience with us for the next projects and will gladly continue to use SFS as a supplier.”


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