“Social Days”: Social engagement

in Foundation projects and beyond

There are numerous opportunities every year for employees of Hoffmann to support projects organized by the Hoffmann Group Foundation. The “ORANGE Social Days” are one extremely popular campaign. There, employees experience first-hand just how valuable their assistance is and how greatly it's appreciated. Having a chance to become familiar with the children’s facilities on-site creates a sense of intimacy and connection – both among the participants and with the Foundation’s projects. The new “Social Days” initiative was also offered at SFS for the first time last year.

Added value

  • Social commitment: “Helping right outside our own front door”
  • Team building and networking
  • Strengthening the sense of solidarity and boosting employees’ motivation
  • Promoting a helpful and responsible corporate culture

“ORANGE Social Days” initiative – what is it?
At “ORANGE Social Days”, employees have a chance to get acquainted with a local social institution for children that is being supported by the Hoffmann Group Foundation. They can use the day to help out on-site during their working hours. Participating gives employees an opportunity to put their skills and expertise to use to benefit a good cause.

Some of the activities include building furniture, lending a hand with renovation work or taking over spring cleaning in the garden, for example. These days promote a sense of solidarity among employees and have a positive impact on the company’s working environment. This type of corporate volunteering offers employees an excellent opportunity to embrace social engagement and take on social responsibility.

TITEL_Social Day_ORANGE HOUSE Peißenberg_2022_1920x
Energetic employees at the «Social Day» at ORANGE HOUSE in Peissenberg

“Social Days 2023”
The “ORANGE Social Days” took place both within the scope of the large projects – the ORANGE HOUSES and ORANGE PROJECTS – as well as that of the Foundation's smaller regional projects.

ORANGE HOUSE, Peissenberg (Germany)
In May 2023, 15 employees drove to Peissenberg to spruce up the ORANGE HOUSE on the grounds of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation. Divided into smaller teams, they sanded benches, shoveled new dirt for chestnut trees, pulled weeds, washed the windows in the workshop, repaired the electric fence by the paddocks, and cleaned the horse troughs. By combining their efforts, they succeeded in completing all these chores in just one workday.

Verena Scheffauer Managing Director of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation
“You can always feel the buzz in the air whenever the Hoffmann Group visits us. We really appreciate employees’ personal commitment.”

Ruper Mayer House, Göppingen (Germany)
There’s a special “ORANGE Social Day” at the Rupert Mayer House every year. That’s when the kids’ bikes are checked for roadworthiness: handlebars are adjusted, tires pumped up, and brake pads replaced if needed. The reward at the end of the day: children’s sparkling eyes as they sit on their ready-to-roll bikes!

Martin Luther House, Nuremberg (Germany)
In September 2023, the team of energetic helpers from Nuremberg put their skills as handymen and handywomen to use at the Martin Luther House while also becoming more familiar with the institution’s work. They spent the day sawing, cutting, milling, sanding, painting, and varnishing. There were jobs to suit everybody and they accomplished quite a lot through teamwork. Every year, the facility’s management is thrilled by the arrival of these motivated employees, because they know that even the more complicated tasks will be taken care of that day. To the children’s delight, a new ball pit was finally filled with balls, and the raised bed is now topped with a well-constructed greenhouse.

Dagmar Blank Marketing Communications Consultant at SFS
“I’m an animal lover and the new Social Days initiative gave me a chance to work on a project near and dear to my heart: I was able to help out in the new cat facility at the Rheintal Animal Protection Organization during my volunteering stint. I was impressed not only by the responsible and meaningful work itself but also by the fact that everybody involved there is working in a voluntary capacity.”
Social Day Rhyboot Stefan Frei_1920px
Stefan Frei, mechanic, who got to know and support the Rhyboot organization during his "Social Days"

“Social Days” now also introduced at SFS
The “Social Days” were also introduced at SFS during the year under review, initially as a pilot project at the site in Heerbrugg (Switzerland). Employees were given the opportunity to get involved in a social project that’s close to their heart on three workdays per year. While some of them chose to assist people with disabilities, others devoted their efforts to animal or environmental protection. The new initiative met with enormous interest, which is why SFS is planning to steadily expand it to other locations and collaborate with a variety of local partners.

Stefan Frei Mechanic at SFS
“I think the new initiative is great because you can gain a bit of insight into a slightly different (work) world. I was particularly impressed by the enormous dedication and passion shown by both residents and employees of Werkheim Wyden as they went about their work.”

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