Sustainable innovation in aquaculture

The partnership between SFS and Salmon Evolution lays a cornerstone for the future of aquaculture. Salmon Evolution sets a new benchmark for sustainable agriculture and innovation in the fish farming industry. SFS’s solution ensures employees’ safety when working in the rough maritime climate.

Added value

  • Customer-specific systems – the right solution for every application
  • Occupational safety thanks to weather-independent fall protection systems
  • Innovative, patented system offers maximum safety and user friendliness
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Salmon Evolution in Indre Harøy (Norway)

Salmon Evolution® is a Norwegian salmon farming company that completed the first of three building phases of one of Europe’s largest salmon farm in 2023. Located in Indre Harøy along the western coast of mainland Norway, this salmon farm stretches across a total area of 18,500 m2 and features water tanks with a total capacity of 59,000 m3. Salmon Evolution sets a new benchmark in salmon farming since its operations focus on the wellbeing of the fish while minimizing the farm’s environmental impact. This sustainable salmon farm is a pioneering project in Europe.

Perfect conditions for achieving high quality
The farm is located in Harøy – right in the middle of the strait along Norway’s coast and surrounded by Atlantic saltwater. It also has more than 200 days of rain per year. Access to fresh seawater and renewable energy sources make the strategic conditions perfect for salmon farming.

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Release of the first smolt (young salmon) migrating into the sea for the first time

Sustainable fish farming to the highest standards
With its enormous construction project, this Norwegian company is changing the future of salmon farming. Being perfectly situated with direct access to fresh seawater means that the company can combine natural maritime conditions with the technological and environmental advantages of land-based farming. Water quality is monitored continuously thanks to the hybrid flow system, which minimizes the risk of contamination and avoids the use of antibiotics entirely. Unlike maritime aquaculture operations, this facility does not pollute the sea. Not only does Salmon Evolution use renewable energies, but it also utilizes the waste produced by the fish farm to produce biogas and fertilizer.

After the end of the first construction phase in 2023 and once the facility is fully operational, it will produce 8,000 tons of salmon per year. By 2028, the farm will be fully equipped and produce more than 31,000 tons of salmon per year.

Innovative fall protection system offers safety
The maritime climate and large volumes of rain mean that weather conditions on Harøy are harsh and ever-changing – and anything but hazard-free. As a result, any work done on the roughly 13-meter water tanks located along the coast calls for appropriate safety precautions to be taken. That prompted Salmon Evolution to contact SFS Group Norway.

Fall protection system
SFS Fall protection system

SFS presented Salmon Evolution with a perfect, easily installed fall protection system that would guarantee occupational safety under all weather conditions. SFS’s Soter® II horizontal fall protection system secures the employees and ensures their safety when working under very challenging conditions. The certified system with high-load posts and a patented, energy-absorbing coil reduces the forces that arise during a free fall to protect both the people and the roof structure – even in an extreme scenario involving a fall. The system is designed to pass unimpeded over all brackets and corners, meaning that users can move freely without any need to disconnect themselves from the system.

By the start of 2024, a total of 12 tanks had already been equipped with our fall protection system, which will ultimately comprise a total of 300 base plates and posts, 1,600 meters of cable and many other components. The Soter® II system will have been installed on each and every roof by the time the 18,500 m2 facility is completed in 2025.

The SFS Group is thrilled to be able to support Salmon Evolution on this innovative project and help improve employee protection.


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