Traditional Indian teaching method

meets Swiss education system

“We need dedicated employees. They’ve got integrity and have above-average qualifications.” That’s what it says in our Corporate Principles. SFS is heavily involved in activities related to training and further education. We're very interested in expanding the dual education system that’s so very successful in German-speaking countries to the international locations. Holistic employee development – in which the dual education program helps participants launch their careers – isn’t just a success factor from the company's perspective, but also offers young adults long-term development opportunities.

Added value

  • Expansion of the successful dual education system to international locations
  • Helps to realize planned capacity expansion at the location
  • Holistic development of trainees into future specialists

Inspiration from Switzerland
The leadership team from the Pune (India) location had a chance to become acquainted with the dual education program during a visit in Switzerland and was impressed: Providing young people with training on both the practical and theoretical aspects of precision engineering was the solution they needed to make the planned capacity expansion at the location in India a reality.

A new training center arises
The new “Gurukul” training center was built in Pune within the space of just six months. Roughly translated, the word “Gurukul” means “House of the Guru” and was selected in reference to the old Indian education system. The new building will feature both modern classrooms as well as a workshop where trainees can practice what they’ve learned in hands-on exercises.

Bhagyashri Band Bhagyashri Band Trainee
“I’m happy to be part of the first group of trainees at “Gurukul”. I learn something new every day from our enthusiastic instructors and state-of-the-art resources. I’m confident that the things I’m learning here will be immensely important for my development and my professional career.”

Holistic trainee development
The local HR department recruited the first group of trainees at the same time. A structured, two-year curriculum was drafted with the help of “SkillSonics”, an organization working to establish the concept of the dual education system in India. These efforts are aimed at offering trainees a holistic development opportunity: Practical skills, like how to operate a machine, supplement technological know-how for manufacturing precision components

Shreyas Salunke_2 Shreyas Salunke Trainee
“This is a fantastic educational opportunity: It gives me practical training topped off with technical knowledge.”

Grand opening ceremony for “Gurukul”
Volker Dostmann, CFO, and Alfred Schneider, Head of the Automotive division, also attended the official grand opening of the new training center in August 2023. The parents of the new trainees were invited as well to accompany their children as they begin this new phase of their lives.

Family Dodamani Mrs. and Mr. Dodamani Parents of Vijay Dodamani, trainee
“We’re confident that this training is a good way to launch a career. Our son isn’t the only one who feels extremely comfortable here. We do, too, and are thankful for this training center.”

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