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Belimo Holding AG is based in Hinwil in the Canton of Zurich (Switzerland) and has around 2,000 employees in 80 countries. It is the world market leader in developing, producing and marketing damper actuators, control valves and sensor solutions. These are used to control and manage heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Working with SFS, Belimo has come up with an innovation in thermal energy meters – the Belimo Energy Valve™.

Added value

  • Creating a competitive edge for clients by combining capabilities
  • Continuously improving products by working together in partnership
  • A shared focus on a passion for innovation and sustainability
  • A range of in-house skills to minimize time and expense

The Belimo Energy Valve™ is an electronic control valve that combines independent control, flow volume and energy measurement, automatic hydraulic balancing and transparent data monitoring in a single device. It ensures the system does not operate at too low a temperature spread. The Belimo Energy Valve™ is the ideal solution for the Ludmillenstift Hospital in Lower Saxony (Germany). Their energy consumption in 2020 was the same as in 2013, despite the fact that the area in use had grown by 40% over that period. And this in a place where external temperatures can go as low as –12°C.

Key data from heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices are measured, calculated and visualized in performance reports provided by Belimo. This ensures the facilities run efficiently throughout the entire lifecycle.

By continuously measuring, calculating and visualizing the water flow volume and temperature, the Belimo Energy Valve™ determines the thermal energy used. The automatic flow control then ensures that only the amount of energy actually required is supplied – regardless of any fluctuations in differential pressure.

Jörg Scherrer Product Manager EMEA, Water Solutions, BELIMO Automation AG
"The clients benefit from these innovative products, which are equipped with the newest technology. The energy-efficient use of resources simplifies processes as well as protects the environment."

The sensor module for the Belimo energy meter was developed in close collaboration with SFS. This successfully launched new product is a perfect example of the SFS philosophy: “creating added value for the customer”.

The Belimo Energy Valve™

How did SFS create added value for Belimo?

  • By building additional functions into the construction, in this case the base of the casing, to generate continuous improvements
  • By working closely together in development to achieve optimal adjustments to the design of the plastic and the injection molding technology
  • By discussing past experience right at the start of the project, weaknesses in previous generations were considered and eliminated in a focus manner
  • By focusing on strong core competences but nevertheless remaining opening to new technologies
  • All the downstream operations required, such as assembly, are carried out in-house at Belimo, so the client can buy the entire unit from a single source

SFS is proud of its contribution to this innovative, forward-looking and sustainable technology. The project team would like to thank Belimo for the professional and collaborative partnership and hope to be able to pursue it further in future.


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