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Facts and Figures: SFS at a glance

SFS generated sales of CHF 1,893 million in the 2021 financial year with a workforce of approximately 10,500 (FTE).

Sales development by segment

In a dynamic market environment characterized by high demand, supply chain bottlenecks and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the SFS Group seized opportunities that arose in each of its segments to boost its sales by 11.0% to CHF 1,893.1 million in the year 2021, an outcome based on its ability to fill customer orders. All end markets and regions contributed to this good growth. The result was a high level of production capacity utilization that strengthened profitability and generated an EBIT margin of 15.9%. Net income came to CHF 248.0 million.

Sales by segment
Gross sales
in CHF million



Engineered Components 975.2 898.3 8.6%
Fastening Systems 574.9 489.7 17.4%
Distribution & Logistics 343.0 316.9 8.2%
Gross sales 1'893.1 1'704.9 11.0%

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