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Inventing success together

We strive towards success with improvement and innovation. And we do so in close partnership with our customers, work colleagues and suppliers. Together we are successful, continuously improve ourselves and test or push technological limits. «Inventing success together» reflects this – our value promise – briefly and concisely in three words.

Successful with


  • In-depth technological competence
  • International presence
  • Application and industry expertise
  • Long term relationships
  • Our DNA
  • A team around 13,500 – one target

Value Proposition


Compared to the overall costs of the customer product, the direct costs of the SFS products embedded therein often make up less than 1%. The associated efforts on the customer side, such as procurement or logistics, are many times more. That's why it is our goal to optimise the overall costs of our customers.

The advantage: customised products and intelligent solutions not only create sustainable added value for the customer, they also consolidate the partnership and lead to a stronger differentiation. This goal requires a corresponding attitude: the constant desire to invent success together.

Our corporate principles

SFS Group_DNA_Leitbild_klein

We seek partnership
We are committed to providing maximum customer value through innovation and quality. We want to be our customer's preferred partner. Better performance and service unites us with customers and suppliers. In our selected market segments we concentrate on a leadership position measured on a global scale.

We need commitment
Our people are fully committed to fulfilling our customers' needs. They are loyal and highly qualified. They promote continuous improvement. As co-entrepreneurs, they assume responsibility and claim the necessary authority. Their career development, compensation and rewards are based on performance.

We respect the community
We apply ourselves actively for the community and the environment. We promote free enterprise, the free market economy and democracy. SFS products, services, factories and jobs should be models of innovation, safety and efficiency.

We seek success
Through long-term, above-average development, SFS maintains its independence. We achieve this through positive dynamics, adequate earnings and international orientation. Success makes us attractive and reliable to customers, suppliers, the public and investors.

We want positive change
We have a positive attitude towards change and we are quick to implement it. We are honest and fair team players guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, mutual respect and a desire to keep things simple. We measure our performance in order to learn and to improve continuously.

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