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sfs group automotive solutions for airbag and restraint systems Airbag restraint systems Many of our ready-to-install components and assemblies ensure the safe and proper functioning of airbag and restraint systems sfs group industrial appliances electrical engineering automation solutions Automation Checks over the whole value-added chain ensures the competent manufacture of precision components and assemblies sfs group automotive industry brake systems Brake systems Our customer-specific, precision-molded parts in metal and plastic are installed in hydraulic and electric brake systems. sfs group industrial appliances electrical engineering building technology Building technology Intelligent systems use precise measurement and control to make efficient use of energy sfs group clipnuts for the aircraft industry Clip nuts Clip nuts are used to quickly and easily install various components and assemblies in aircraft sfs group industrial appliances electrical engineering communications technologie Communications technology We use thread-forming screws for direct screwing to increase productivity SFS Group Medical Tegra Medical Tether Connector Components, assemblies and complete devices Medical device companies rely on our manufacturing expertise to help bring their medical devices to life sfs gopu construction solutoins for timber works Connections and reinforcements for timber construction For the economical creation of creative and high-performance support structures in timber construction considered connections are required sfs group industrial appliances electrical engineering domestic and kitchen appliances Domestic & kitchen appliances The highest productivity with ready-to-install products for automatic assembly solutions of the sfs group in the area of flat roof and industrial lightweight construction Fasteners for flat roof and industrial lightweight construction SFS develops and produces systems for the mechanical fastening of roof seal and thermal insulation on flat roofs fastener cutting tool industry sfs group Fasteners for inserts We create the optimum fastener for you sfs group fastening solutions and hinges for doors, windows and glass facades Fastening and hinge technology for doors, windows and glass facades Window makers and fitters receive fastening solutions for various window types at SFS sfs group fastening systems for the facade Fastening systems for the facade Be it for classic metal cladding, or facades made from sandwich panels: we offer the right fastening solution for every application sfs group hardware components furniture fittings Furniture fittings We meet the ever-increasing challenges of the furniture fittings industry with the development and manufacture of high-precision miniature parts sfs group preferred supplier in electronics at hard disk drives Hard disk drives For decades, we are the trusted partner with global leaders of the industry sfs group inserts for the aircraft industry Inserts SFS has established itself as one of the leading providers in this segment sfs group automotive solutions interior plastics Interior plastics From specifically designed fastening solutions, precise mechanical drives and adjusters, right up to high-quality interior trim sfs group construction soter fall protection system Life-saving fall protection The fall protection systems developed by SFS secure people who work at heights sfs group preferred supplier in electronics at lifestyle electronic devices Lifestyle electronics Our broad range of precision engineered components caters to a diverse span of applications in both consumer electronics and Internet of Things industries sfs group preferred supplier in electronics at mobile devices Mobile devices We offer a diverse custom product portfolio and joint product development service to help customers realise their ideas to product