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Art enthusiasts everywhere are anticipating the opening of the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement (MAACM) in St. Petersburg, Florida. While completion is near, the grand-opening may not occur until early 2021. The new museum utilized NVELOPE®’s NV1 system to support the exotic granite paneling that adorns the western portion of the building.

Added Value

  • Flexible fastening solution that adapts to uneven structures
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Weatherproof

A building full of treasures

The $90 million structure will feature five stories and 137,000 square foot of museum and mixed-use space. The exhibits will see considerable collections of turn of the century furniture, pottery, tile, metalwork, photography and more. In addition, the future downtown hub will feature a large library, events space, graphic design studios and a restaurant.


The NV1 System's flexible fastening solution is convincing

Project designer Alfonso Architects chose SFS to support the facade for a variety of reasons, but it was adjustability that made the decision a clear one. The NV1 system allows for adjustability for out of plane structures as well as panel expansion and contraction as the building withstands the various weather conditions along the Gulf Coast. Not to mention that the system presents a simple fastening solution for the over 40,000 square feet of beautiful granite stone paneling installed on the western portion of the facility. The Trimstone produced horizontal paneling was installed and fastened to our vertical based NV1 system.

NVELOPE®'s NV1 system is available pre-assembled with thermal isolators to help reduce thermal bridging and also prevent a chemical reaction, which could occur between the aluminum bracket and the lime in a concrete structure. Stand-off sizes for the vertical range are from 40 – 300 mm.

Andrew Resch Project Supervisor for Building Contractor MG McGrath
"We were impressed with the NVELOPE® thermally broken adjustable cladding rail system. The ease of installation and adjustability were two key factors in the success of our stone cladding scope of work on the Museum of American Arts and Crafts Movement."

Opening is eagerly awaited

The public is quite eager to get inside and check out the exhibits of MAACM. The growing collection of arts and crafts from the world's best creatives is sure to awe and inspire. If the façade of the building is any indication, visitors are in for quite a fantastic experience!

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