Driving experience with ADAS sensor technology

It is difficult to imagine modern cars without ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). They support the driver in potentially hazardous everyday situations, like turning in town traffic or when changing lanes on the motorway by monitoring the blind spot. With ADAS, accidents involving other road users due to lapses in concentration, tailgating or speeding can, in certain circumstances, be effectively eliminated. These smart everyday helpers, in which specially developed components from SFS are embedded, deliver the driver a relaxing and safe driving experience.

Added Value

  • Global presence and in-house technology portfolio enable solutions from a single source
  • Cost optimization through a lean production line and the use of cold forming
  • Guarantee and security through a fully-automated inspection and packing station

Keeping pace with modern times

Continental, the German automotive supplier, has long have a leading position in the ADAS segment. With a wide range of systems in their portfolio Continental has always been a trendsetter in the megatrend of autonomous driving. This includes short- and long-reach radar, for autonomous adaptive cruise control systems that maintain safe stopping distances and 360° surround-view cameras and augmented reality for automated parking features. Its products thus offer drivers a unique combination of comfort and safety.

Kamerasensoren am Auto

Technology with foresight

Surround View Camera Systems can now be found in a wide range of vehicle segments. At their most basic entry level, such systems offer 360° vision delivered through 3D optics. This technology helps the driver to park or steer at low speeds. In the premium segment such systems can detect pedestrians and apply the brakes in emergency situations. Another benefit is the ability to automatically maneuver the car into a parking space; this feature can even be activated from a smartphone.

360° surround-view camera systems assist the driver e.g. when parking

Key future market penetrated

Thanks to its long-standing collaboration and partnership with Continental, SFS was able to secure an important project in the promising market segment of ADAS in 2018. In 2019 it set another milestone by winning a new project from Continental to provide housing solutions for a 360° surround-view camera system, to be fitted by a well-respected German OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

The value chain starts with cold forming for the components that are embedded in the customer product

Single-source solutions

A combination of a broadly-based technology portfolio, coupled with the global footprint, enabled SFS to offer a complete solution from one source. In this case the housing can be advantageously produced on a lean production line. The value chain consists of a vertical pressing linked to a made-to-measure machining process and is completed by a fully-automated inspection and packing station. In this way SFS can completely address the customer’s needs and offer decisive added value to Continental.

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