Firstcircular roof

A fully circular economy in 2050: That’s the Netherlands’ goal. Guardian, a company in the SFS Group that is based in Helmond (Netherlands), worked in collaboration with several manufacturers united under the name of the "Urban Mining Collective" to design the first circular roof in the Netherlands. Once it reaches the end of its useful life, which is 25 years on average, this novel roof structure can be removed completely and more than 90% of the materials and components can be recycled. That represents a vital step towards sustainable, circular construction.

Added value

  • Optimal fastening solution according to the project-specific special design
  • Accompaniment of the entire construction phase
  • Support through technical expertise on site
One of the 56 wooden houses with the circular roof in Eindhoven

The circular roof was part of a major residential building project in the Netherlands. The Giesbers construction company was commissioned by the municipality of Eindhoven to develop and build 56 houses made of wood. Like the fastening elements from SFS, wood can also be disassembled, meaning that the environmental impact of the construction materials employed is minimal. As a company committed to raising awareness of the environmental impact of building materials, a relatively neglected topic, Giesbers turned to the "Urban Mining Collective" to implement the project.

Léon Koppen Project leader developing and construction, Giesbers
“Never before have we seen this combination of premium products in a fully circular system on the Dutch market.”
The recyclable and reusable materials

Guardian collaborated with Kingspan and ZND Nedicom, which are affiliated to the "Urban Mining Collective", to create a roof structure made of sustainable and recyclable materials that exclusively uses mechanical fastening elements. Recycled roofing material (Citumen) and recyclable EPS insulation were installed in addition to the removable fasteners from Guardian, which were used for the insulation and roofing on the substructure. Thanks to the use of mechanical fastening systems, all components are removable so they can be easily separated and reused at a later point in time.


Fully circular

When planning new projects, modern-day construction companies often make a conscious decision to use sustainable materials for their construction projects. The residents of those buildings not only benefit from a pleasant, healthy indoor living environment, but also receive a certificate with a take-back guarantee issued by the "Urban Mining Collective". This guarantee ensures that the roof will be removed at the end of its useful life and all materials will be taken back for reuse; this is handled by another partner, ZND Nedicom. ZND Nedicom is also responsible for roof installation and maintenance.

Since most of Guardian’s fastening elements can be reused right after removal, this SFS Group company is making a vital contribution towards greater sustainability in the building sector.

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