Electronic solutions improve safety

The future of mobility lies increasingly in electrical and electronic solutions – not just for a vehicle’s propulsion system, but for all the key systems in a vehicle that can be electrified. SFS has been part of that trend for many years now, working in close partnership with customers that benefit from its expertise in systems and operations, technological diversity and design expertise. In this way, SFS has repeatedly succeeded in implementing the new requirements in future-oriented products that increase the functional scope and safety.

Added Value

  • New product developments increase functionality scope and safety
  • Sustainable solutions improve energy efficiency

Functional scope and safety increased through new technology

Brake system performance has improved continuously over the years. Systems such as ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESP (electronic stability program) have done much to improve safety. Design teams around the globe are now working to develop systems such as regenerative braking. The new components communicate more easily with radar, lidar and camera systems, facilitating efficient use of additional features, such as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.

Electrical brake booster

Achieving sustainable solutions

The possibility of energy recovery during braking by the brake booster fulfills the requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles. It helps to boost energy efficiency and extend the driving range, while significantly improving effectiveness and noise levels.


Inventing success together

The broad technology portfolio of SFS, coupled with the inventiveness of the design teams, leads to cost and benefit-optimized solutions. The ability to procure selected components of any kind or entire modules from a single source reduces interfaces and creates added value for our customers. SFS can bring in its technology expertise upfront in the development phase and supply components used in every conceivable production process, with products including customized ball screws and special parts for cold forming, deep drawing, fastening and plastics technologies.

SFS is also able to undertake design and functional responsibility, including testing and validation. Most of the test facilities required for this purpose are developed and manufactured in-house. To implement the acquired projects and future growth, SFS is investing in the expansion of production capacity at Group headquarters in Heerbrugg (Switzerland), including the construction of an additional production hall. Construction work on the new building commenced on schedule at the start of 2021 and is due for completion by mid 2022.

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