A major apartment project relies onthe SFS fall protection system

With no fewer than 680 units, the semi pre-fab apartment development in northern Frankfurt (DE) is being a widely discussed topic. The huge, spectacular building project in the shadow of the television tower is set to take five years to complete. In more than 300 of the energy-efficient apartments, featuring a thirty per cent reduction in heat loss compared to a standard reference new-build, specialist fixings JB-D/L and JB-D/FA PLUS from SFS are being used to guarantee top results for window installation, as well as the fall protection system for fitting floor- level windows.

Added Value

  • Fall-proof fastening of floor-to-ceiling window elements
  • Clear time savings thanks to simple, efficient fitting
  • Fastener solutions with full building regulations and standards approvals

An innovative fall protection system

Experience and expertise are what count. That was enough to persuade Krainhöfner, the window installers, to choose both the JB-D/L-System from SFS for fitting the windows in the reveal and also the JB-D/FA PLUS. This innovative, complete system offers fitters, architects and construction engineers alike, fall-proof fixing of floor-to-ceiling windows and door walls.

Building authority approval meets the highest requirements

Since the use of floor-level elements is associated with high loads, only fastening systems with an approval may be used. Is no approval available, an object-specific permission process must be carried out, which is usually time and cost consuming. JB-D/FA PLUS meets the requirements of the new guideline for the installation of windows (LzM 2020).

Michael Mittler Head of Product Management at SFS
«The market reponse to JB-D/FA PLUS has been really positive. Whether it is installers, architects or construction engineers, everybody acknowledges not only the simple, efficient installation, but also the safety offered by a widely approved system, protecting them from expensive complaints and rework.»

Advantages that convince

JB-D/FA PLUS ensures that all those involved in the project can act with confidence, because its building authority approval also includes verification for profile systems with standard profile extensions. The system combines this advantage, which is currently unique, with simple, reliable verification with the aid of a type static analysis and reduced planning effort for determining the fastening points. Due to the high quantities typical for large projects, the low number of fastening points in the slab settlement also has a noticeable cost-reducing effect. This is made possible by the integration of load transfer and fall protection in a single system solution.

Frank Krainhöfner CEO of Frank Krainhöfner GmbH
«Above all, I appreciate SFS for their high product quality and comprehensive certifications. That gives me the assurance of a technically high-quality solution capable of satisfying my customers. Also, the simple, efficient installation results in time savings. Especially in major projects, the trusted, personal support provided by SFS is particularly valuable. It starts with joint planning meetings ahead of the build and continues up to the on-site consultation, and coordination of deliveries as required.»

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