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End-to-end solutions simplify supply chains

Medical device companies need to focus on many aspects of their business, such as research, new product development, sales, and marketing. A contract manufacturer that offers true end-to-end solutions can handle all aspects of making their devices, freeing them up to manage their businesses and design new products.

Added Value

  • Solutions from a single source
  • High level of expertise in metal and plastics processing
  • Simplified quality management for customers
Intervertebral fusion cages implanted during spinal fusion surgery

The end-to-end difference

Many contract manufacturers claim to offer end-to-end solutions for their medical device customers, but that does not mean they handle all aspects of manufacturing the products. They might have expertise working with just metal or just plastic, so they must outsource important work to other suppliers. So, when they say “end-to-end” they really just mean “supply chain management”. Tegra Medical’s true end-to-end solutions means the company does not just manage the supply chain, it actually simplifies it for the customer.

Biopsy device used to take a sample of breast tissue

Broad range of expertise

Tegra Medical is different from other suppliers because it offers the expertise for intricate work with both metal and plastic that many other suppliers cannot handle. This vertical integration enables a single manufacturer to support customers all the way through the process of making their devices. Using a customer’s complex breast biopsy instrument (see image on the left) as an example, this means manufacturing everything from the sharp “business end” to the intricately molded plastic handle.

Tegra Medical’s history contributes to its ability to offer end-to-end solutions. The company was originally created by merging several smaller companies with expertise in different technologies. The result is a single supplier with the synergies to offer true end-to-end contract manufacturing, not just supply chain management.

Dilator used to hold back tissue so a surgeon can access bone

Smoother quality management

Today’s medical device regulatory processes are growing increasingly more stringent. With one supplier – a true end-to-end provider – the customer can work with a single Quality Management System for the entire project. Tegra Medical is especially adept with the quality of instruments’ metal tips. With our careful processes, the company knows how to keep the sharp metal tips from losing their edge during the rest of the manufacturing process, particularly during insert molding.

True end-to-end solutions is what sets Tegra Medical apart in the medical device manufacturing industry.