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SFS is installing new production lines in the USA and the Czech Republic. One of the reasons behind it is the increased order level from Brose, thanks to the economic and technical advantages resulting from the process-optimised cold formed component developed by SFS. The component is used globally in seat height adjustment mechanisms, helping Brose to achieve savings in the design concept. The bottom line is a win-win situation for both Brose and SFS.

Added value

  • Optimisation of the core design: cost savings associated with logistics, storage and assembly
  • International production platform creates synergy effects
  • Local production reduces logistic expenditures and overall costs
The uniform range of seat structures are universally suitable for diverse brands and models

Brose, a family concern, supplies around 80 vehicle manufacturers and over 40 of their suppliers with mechatronic systems for vehicle doors and seat units, door modules, electric motors and electronics inter alia for steering, braking, transmission systems and engine cooling. Against an ever-increasing product range and associated complexity in electronic seating systems, Brose has elected to streamline their product offer, producing a uniform range of seat structures universally suitable for diverse brands and models.

Three become one
So it was that in the spring of 2013 various suppliers were invited to attend a strategy workshop. After a thoroughgoing examination of the production processes, SFS found considerable scope for optimisation potential in the core design and duly won a major order. Working in harmony with the customer, SFS developed a new cold formed part to replace what was originally three individual components.

The new cold formed part replaced the original three individual components

Success leading to a global roll-out
The economical cold formed component, integrated into the new universal seating platform, impresses with its technically demanding geometry and savings on the costs associated with logistics, storage and assembly. It is set to become part of their success story as Brose rolls out the new system internationally.

An international production platform offering customers added value
As the new component is now being produced in its millions at the Heerbrugg (Switzerland) HQ, in future it is planned to service the markets in Europe, the USA and Asia. With its global manufacturing reach, SFS is perfectly set to meet this challenge and will be in a position to transfer the manufacturing know-how gained in Heerbrugg to sites in Medina (USA) and Turnov (Czech Republic). The customer benefits not only from the synergy effect, but also from the manufacturing proximity, reducing logistic costs to an absolute minimum.

To be continued
In consideration of the excellent cooperation and increased order levels, SFS was again honoured with the Key Supplier Award in 2018, in recognition of the long years of partnership between the two companies.

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