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Industry 4.0

at Menzi Muck AG

Working hand-in-hand with SFS, Menzi Muck AG, based in Rheintal, Switzerland, a commercial and technical world leader in the development and manufacture of walking excavators, is implementing the innovative M2M logistics solution from SFS. This results in reduced processing costs and minimal stores space requirements for Menzi Muck AG.

Added value

  • Reduced processing costs
  • Minimal stores space requirements
  • Increased component availability

Long-term customer returns to SFS
SFS had been successfully implementing projects with Menzi Muck AG since 1997. After this customer decided to dissolve the collaboration with SFS in 2011, a dedicated project team from SFS repeatedly attempted to breathe life into the relationship once more. Menzi Muck AG were regularly updated on potentially interesting developments until finally the new M2M (“machine-to-machine”) logistics solution won them over.

SFS_DuL_M2M_turn lock_MenziMuck_2019
Within two months the digital ordering system turnLOG2® was installed at the customer’s site

The M2M logistics system
At the heart of the M2M logistics system is the direct interface and automatic information exchange installed between terminals, minimising the costs of warehouse management (purchasing, logistics and handling) of so-called C-class components like washers, nuts and screws: reducing stock levels whilst simultaneously increasing component availability.

On the road to industry 4.0
Once the induction phase had been successfully completed, the SFS project team began installing the new logistics system proper back in late 2016. Within two months the digital ordering system turnLOG2® was installed at the customer’s site. Working closely with Menzi Muck AG, the SFS team were able to install the stores hardware within the subsequent three days. That meant transferring 320 items in the stores into turnLOG2® transponder bins. Finally, the central M2M controller was installed on the ceiling of the customer’s shop-floor to manage communication between the stores infrastructure, the mobile terminals and the ERP systems.

The expert for development and production of walking excavators benefits i.a. from a saved storage area

Successful project conclusion
Muck AG has spoken most positively about the new generation M2M logistics system from SFS using turnLOG2® following its successful launch; management praised in particular the huge savings on storage space and reduced process costs; and not least the professional collaboration.

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