Innovative interior façade

The new Munch Museum in Oslo, dedicated to the memory of the world-famous painter Edvard Munch, is due to open in Spring 2020. The Spanish architects Estudio Herreros created the building’s design concept. SFS planned and supplied the sub-structure and fasteners for the internal walling. For the general contractor, Hent AS, it was a combination of technical know-how, top products and supply chain reliability that persuaded them to choose SFS as their partner for this major project.

Added Value

  • NV3 the attractive hidden fastening solution
  • Easy, quick and safe installation
  • High load bearing capacity

Transforming art into an experience

This new-build Munch Museum project in Oslo will finally enable the city to fulfil the wishes of so many of the local population to present the famous artist Edvard Munch, the creator of more than 28,0000 works, in a modern context. The museum is conceived as a meeting place for the general public, making a visit a whole new experience, featuring both permanent and temporary exhibitions and works by other contemporary artists, concerts, lectures and forums across the range of cultural themes. Great emphasis was thus attached to the design of the interiors.

With a total of thirteen floors, the building is a staggering 58 m tall and covers an overall floor space of 26,313 m².

Creative design meets sustainable build

The new building, designed by Spanish architects Estudio Herreros, is one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to a single artist. Eleven galleries are ranged over seven floors, providing the space and format to experience a variety of artistic forms. With a total of thirteen floors, the building is a staggering 58 m tall and covers an overall floor space of 26,313 m². Steel and concrete, the main materials used in the construction, are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The hidden NV3 fastening system is attractive and innovative

Interior fixings: innovative and invisible

The atmosphere of the building’s interior is impressive due to the high ceilings with light flooding through. In search of a visually appealing fastener solution to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the internal walling, Hent AS approached SFS. Following intensive discussions and an exchange of know-how amongst all involved, SFS Norway embarked on the static structural calculations. Thanks to the close collaboration between contractor, the architects and SFS, an attractive solution was soon elaborated. Addressing the customer's desire for “invisible fixings”, SFS chose the NV3 hidden fastener system (see box). The extensive training of Hent AS employees on site also ensured that the fastening system could be installed easily, quickly and safely.


At a glance: the NV3 fastener system

  • NV3: the NVELOPE Aluminium sub-frame system with concealed fasteners

  • TUF-S: the innovative blind fastener from SFS, requiring no complicated undercuts, simply a blind hole, making for rapid and simple installation of the retainers using a GESIPA PowerBird® riveting tool (

  • MULTI-MONTI®: the user-friendly concrete screw anchors used to fix the NV3 sub-frame panels securely to the walls. A guarantee of high load bearing capacity

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