New transport network for Riyadh

The new, world’s largest underground system in the highest populated city in Saudi Arabia, has rapidly taking shape. High performance fasteners and rivets produced and supplied by SFS serve to keep the prestigious Riyadh metro safe and sound for many years to come.

Added Value

  • Identification of the optimal fastening solution
  • Customer proximity: consulting and pull-out tests locally on site
  • Just-in-time delivery reliability

A sustainable transport solution

The new transportation network offers a sustainable solution for the rapidly growing city suburbs surrounding Riyadh, set to expand from the current six million population to an estimated eight million by 2030. With an overall length of 176 km consisting of six underground lines, boasting maintenance facilities for every line and a total of 85 new stations, the new system opened in 2019.


From planning to realisation

The frictionless movement of modern rolling stock produced by Siemens and Bombardier depends heavily on the maintenance depots serving each of the six lines. SFS UK was invited to quote for suitable fasteners for three of the six maintenance bays.

The building of the maintenance hall envelope for line 1 (North-South, blue) and line 2 (East-West, red) was entrusted to the company Arabian Profiles in Sharjah. Following intensive discussions and evaluation with the SFS team of experts, a standing seam Aluminium profile was chosen, to be retained using SFS SX3 A4 austenitic, self-drilling fasteners. The SXC sandwich panel fasteners safely secured the Zamil Steel wall panels.

While Kalzip, based in Germany was awarded with the standing seam for line 3 (East-West, orange) depot, Dark Globe, from Portugal,was responsible for the installation.The main contractor, Salini, a joint venture bidder from Italy, elected to source the fasteners directly from SFS. The architects had indicated a requirement for 1,550,000 painted AP14 rivets used on the overlap of the roof deck. SFS also provided 380,000 TDA fasteners for fixing the halters to the deck. A further 100,000 TDB-S self-tapping fasteners were used to join the deck to the main steel.

Peter Hamby SFS Regional Manager for the Near East
“The new underground system in Riyadh was an exciting project for us: sustainable growth is vital for this city and in offering optimum fastener solutions we were a part of this major project.”

One piece of the big picture

The SFS team worked closely with all those in charge in successfully addressing the challenges of this demanding infrastructure project. This related both to the technical aspects surrounding the on-site, customer-specified pull-out tests and a challenging supply timetable and time management implications.


A project for the future

The highly successful Riyadh metro project has been finished shortly, supporting the growth of the local economy and reducing car journeys by 250,000 per day. That represents a saving of 400,000 litres of fuel per day and a corresponding noticeable reduction in harmful exhaust emissions in the city. To keep abreast of massive ongoing expansion over the coming years and remain a viable alternative means of transport going forwards, the completed mass transit initiative is expected to carry 3.6 million passengers per day.

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