Process security in the manufacture of the HORIZON solar folding roof

dhp technology AG is an innovative, prize-winning start-up working in the renewable energy sector. Their HORIZON folding solar roofing system has attracted widespread recognition across Switzerland within an extremely short space of time. Light-weight construction means that the surface can serve both as a solar energy source and for alternative uses. For the secure installation of the solar panel framework, dhp is committed to the fully automated GESIPA® GAV 8000 blind rivet system from SFS.

Added Value

  • Fully automated GESIPA® GAV8000 blind rivet system
  • Secure installation and complete process monitoring
  • Time savings
  • Adaptable to robotic assembly systems

Thanks to its special folding mechanism, lightweight construction and intelligent sensor technology, the HORIZON can be installed where conventional fixed installations are either physically impractical or financially unviable. The system does not have to be resistant to high winds or heavy snow; because under conditions of storm, hail, or snow, it retracts into its own covered store. The metal frames for the solar panels are produced by dhp using the GESIPA®GAV 8000 blind riveting system; saving time and increasing the process security for this decisive manufacturing operation.

Fabian Vogelbacher Head of Production at dhp technology AG
“We achieve huge time savings during assembly irrespective of who the operator is.”

Every rivet counts

In contrast to the fully automated assembly of the solar panels on their frames, the riveting of the frames themselves is not robotically automated. That said, the riveting equipment still offers decisive advantages over conventional riveting systems. Even with manual operation, things like the automatic rivet feed, automated head evacuation and complete process monitoring offer enormous advantages. The GESIPA®GAV8000 is future-ready because the focus of the company is clear: the integration of the current process monitoring system into the neighbouring automated production line. dhp technology AG intends to also hand over the riveting process to a robot.

Fabian Vogelbacher Head of Production at dhp technology AG
“In light-weight construction every rivet counts. If one connection is either forgotten or done incorrectly, the monitoring system will soon be able to respond in real time.”

The partnership with SFS

The GESIPA® GAV 8000 modular blind riveting system has been specifically developed for the needs of industry. Every version can be adapted to robotic assembly systems. What’s more, the partnership between dhp technology AG and SFS is not limited to riveting techniques; rather fasteners in general, tooling and stores management are all areas of collaboration between SFS and this fast-emerging concern.

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