Promoting employee health and safety protecting the environment and natural resources

mobility@SFS: SFS introduced this mobility concept in Switzerland in 2017 with the objective of optimizing employee commuting behavior and thus enhancing the motivation levels, safety and well being of its employees. The realization of various measures and projects has also been good for the environment and led to the more efficient use of company vehicles and parking areas. A review of the past two years.

Added Value

  • Mobility concept to enhance safety and well being of employees
  • Until now most successful mobility initiative in Switzerland: more than 1,000 e-bikes have been bought
  • Improved bike paths led to enhanced safety when commuting to work
  • By collecting EcoPoints 151,279kg CO₂ emissions were saved until the end of 2019

Situation and needs analysis

The mobility@SFS success story began in early 2017 with a survey of 1,800 employees at five sites in Switzerland in order to analyze the commuting and mobility situation. Thanks to the pleasingly high response rate of 86%, the team in charge of the survey was able to view the results as representative.

In the second stage of mobility@SFS, the distance employees commute to work was analyzed in order to determine the viability of various mobility/commuting options. The data showed that 53% of those who participated in the survey lived less than 10 km from work.


Four strategic initiatives – one goal

After its thorough analysis of the survey results, the mobility@SFS team drew up the following initiatives:

  • Introduce an attractive e-bike purchase program to promote commuting by bike
  • Introduce an incentive system to improve/influence commuting behavior (EcoPoints)
  • Promote carpooling by connecting interested employees
  • Offer attractive incentives to encourage employees to commute by public transport


E-bike offer a resounding success

Under the first initiative launched in June 2017, employees at all Swiss sites were offered e-bikes at a 50% discount. SFS and two bicycle specialists in the Rheintal region covered the other half of the purchase price.

Employees bought more than 1,000 e-bikes in about six months, with approximately 40% of the domestic workforce taking up this offer. That response was far better than expected by SFS and the mobility team. As far as we know, this is the most successful initiative of its kind in Switzerland.

Jens Breu CEO, SFS Group AG
“We are truly pleased with the success of the mobility@SFS initiative. It has clearly enhanced employee motivation and well being.”

Better and safer routes for commuting to work

Acting on the findings of the employees survey, bicycle paths and lanes in the towns around our Swiss sites were improved in collaboration with public bodies. This has mitigated roadway hazards and thus enhanced employee safety when commuting to work.

EcoPoints an attractive incentive system

In another initiative, employees at all Swiss sites have been able to earn EcoPoints since September 2018. EcoPoints is a bonus and incentive programme through which employees earn points towards attractive rewards and discounts. EcoPoints can be earned by any employee who commutes to work by bike, public transport or carpool. The number of EcoPoints they earn depends on the distance of their commute.

EcoPoints 2019

By the end of December 2019, 1,324 employees had earned 1,023,286 EcoPoints – a great milestone for SFS. The points earned by employees have a monetary value of CHF 102,000. Thanks to this initiative, 839,231 green commuting kilometres were counted during the first 16 months (September 2018-December 2019), equivalent to 151,279 kg of CO₂ emissions.

Lorena Freile APQP, Test Planner, SFS Group AG
“This is the only planet we have. To avoid catastrophic climate change, we really need to change our thinking about certain subjects. My behavior can help to reduce emissions. I know my choices won’t change much at the global scale, but what I can change is my behavior.”

More initiatives are on the drawing board

Additional initiatives and goals within the scope of mobility@SFS are being planned. For example, employees will be able to earn double EcoPoints during certain periods. In addition, mobility@SFS is intensifying its communications measures to increase employee awareness and promote participation in its mobility initiatives. These ideas and initiatives underscore the importance SFS attaches to employee well being and environmental stewardship.

Guido Zünd Technical Department, Head Technical Sales, SFS Group AG
“Our team launched an internal ‘challenge’ right after the EcoPoints programme was started and that’s motivated us all to go to work by bike regardless of the weather.”
Michael Baumgartner Technical Services, Head of Technical Computer Science, SFS Group AG
“I’ve always ridden my bike to work and now I can earn EcoPoints at the same time. Cycling to work saves a lot of car miles and keeps me fit at the same time!”

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