Riveting Challenge

Since the summer of 2017 the night sky over Augsburg, Germany, has been illuminated in the colours of the Augsburg football club, FCA. The new external shell enveloping the WWK Arena is the reason. The complex modern façade system was designed and built by the Roschmann Group, who turned to GESIPA® when it came to the question of fastening the unusual mesh-like façade consisting of interwoven aluminium and transparent plastic tubing. The result was an innovative, economic solution.

Added value

  • Economic and technical safe fastening system
  • Easy and efficient installation
  • Collaborative partnership creates confidence

The starting position
In August 2016, the Roschmann Group of Germany was awarded the contract to create a new external envelope for the WWK Arena. The result is a modern, sophisticated construction of aluminium tubes. These wind round the arena like a cocoon on multiple levels. The Roschmann Group approached various companies with the challenge to propose a suitable fastening solution. GESIPA® was able to fully accommodate the customer’s needs in terms of economy, technical security and ease-of-assembly with their proposal to use blind rivet nuts. Experts from the two companies put their heads together to detail a solution enabling safe, efficient installation.

The complex and modern construction of aluminium tubes wind round the arena like a cocoon on multiple levels

A challenging installation
The aim: to integrate 135 transparent plastic tubes fitted with LED’s into the 20 km network of Aluminium tubing and fix these securely to the substructure of the WWK Arena. Working in unison to tackle this challenge, experts from GESIPA® and Roschmann identified a suitable fastener for the job. As the use of the chosen blind rivet nut was not fully approved, Roschmann applied for a one-off permission for this application.

The A4 stainless steel M8 blind rivet nuts used in combination with the Firefox® 2 installation equipment were identified as ideal

Load tests were subsequently carried out on the fasteners retaining the aluminium tubes, including tear-out and shear evaluations, as well as associated component assessment by the gbd LAB GmbH and the Labor für Stahl- und Leichtmetallbau (approved inspection house for steel and light-weight construction research). The A4 stainless steel M8 blind rivet nuts used in combination with the Firefox® 2 installation equipment were identified as ideal. The next step was for GESIPA® to prepare a special, one-off installation manual for the customer. This would ensure the smooth, continuous and simple installation of the blind rivet nuts without issue.

Michael, Skopp, Technical Director of the Roschmann Group, about the collaboration with GESIPA®:

“The collaboration with GESIPA®was frictionless. Their technical support enabled the right fastener solution to be used on the WWK Arena, offering an expedient, economical solution. Around 22,000 GESIPA® blind rivet nuts were used on the project, safely securing 20,000 m of aluminium tubing.”

Customer closeness creates confidence
GESIPA® started working on the optimum solution for the customer from the outset, right through to the comprehensive verification of the chosen fastener (A4 stainless steel M8 blind rivet nut) and support in setting up and carrying out the assembly operation; hand-in-hand with the customer.

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